Judd Apatow’s Epic DGA Monologue Roasting Biden and Trump

  • Director, producer, and writer Judd Apatow delivers a hilarious and controversial monologue at the 76th DGA Awards.
  • Apatow jokes about his Jewish heritage, the political landscape, and the entertainment industry.
  • He pays tribute to the late Norman Lear and takes a humorous jab at other award show hosts.
  • Apatow reflects on the decline in viewership for award shows and offers suggestions for improvement.
  • The DGA Awards recognize the best feature film directors of the year.


Director, producer, and writer Judd Apatow set the tone for the 76th DGA Awards with his witty and controversial monologue. From poking fun at his Jewish heritage to roasting the political landscape, Apatow’s jokes left the audience in stitches.

Judd Apatow’s Monologue Highlights

Jokes About Jewish Heritage and DGA

Apatow kicked off his monologue by jokingly introducing himself as the host Bradley Cooper with an even more beguiling Jewish nose. He continued by referencing the Directors Guild of America’s history of never striking against the studios and quipped about accepting their first offer to host the ceremony.

Political Commentary

Apatow didn’t shy away from addressing the current political landscape. He made a bold statement, urging the audience to vote and adding, “if this is the only time you vote this year, you can all go fuck yourselves.” He humorously highlighted the age of the likely presidential nominees, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, stating, “a guy old enough to have met Hitler and a guy who wishes he had.”

Tribute to Norman Lear and Roasting Other Hosts

Apatow dedicated the night to the legendary Norman Lear, joking that he won’t rest until he finds his killer. He also took a playful jab at other award show hosts, thanking Jo Koy for lowering the bar for him and expressing gratitude to the Directors Guild for hiring a white Jewish man to host the ceremony.

Reflection on the Entertainment Industry

Apatow reflected on the past year in the entertainment industry, highlighting the lessons learned from the double-strike year. He humorously remarked that Fran Drescher is the voice of reason, even though it may not be what reason sounds like.

Decline in Viewership and Suggestions for Improvement

Apatow lamented the decline in viewership for award shows and expressed frustration that the DGA ceremony is still not televised. He blamed the excessive exposure of celebrities through social media and called for them to be more mysterious. He playfully called out Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan to stop their TikTok and OnlyFans activities, respectively.


Judd Apatow’s monologue at the 76th DGA Awards was a mix of humor, controversy, and social commentary. His jokes about his Jewish heritage, politics, and the entertainment industry kept the audience entertained throughout the night. Despite the decline in viewership for award shows, Apatow’s monologue was a memorable highlight of the evening.

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