Kanye West’s ‘Carnival’ Lyrics Mention Taylor Swift; Ozzy Osbourne & Donna Summer Estate Deny Song Use

  • Kanye West sparks controversy with new lyrics
  • Taylor Swift referenced in “Carnival” track from Vultures 1 album
  • Ozzy Osbourne and Donna Summer Estate accuse West of unauthorized use of their songs


Kanye West is once again making headlines, and this time it involves his ongoing feud with Taylor Swift. The rapper has namedropped the pop star in his latest track, “Carnival,” from the Vultures 1 album he released with Ty Dolla $ign. This isn’t the first time West has referenced Swift in his music, as their feud dates back to the infamous incident at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. However, the recent lyrics have reignited the controversy and stirred up more drama in the music industry.

West Takes Aim at Swift in “Carnival” Lyrics

In the track “Carnival,” West raps about his past encounters with Swift, mentioning explicit details and claiming to have made six figures from referencing her in his songs. The lyrics go as follows: “Why she say she sucked my d*** / Then she say she ain’t sucked my d*** / She gon’ take it up the a** like a ventriloquist / I made six Taylor Swift since I had the Rollie on the wrist.” The controversial lyrics have sparked a wave of reactions and discussions among fans and industry insiders alike.

Other Celebrities Mentioned in “Carnival”

Aside from Taylor Swift, West also mentions several other celebrities in the same song. Elon Musk, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and Puff Daddy are all referenced in the lyrics. The track takes on a provocative tone, addressing various controversial figures and topics. West’s ability to stir up conversations and capture attention through his music has become a trademark of his career.

Claims of Unauthorized Use of Songs

The drama doesn’t end with Taylor Swift. The Donna Summer estate and Ozzy Osbourne have both accused Kanye West of using their songs without permission. The estate of disco icon Donna Summer posted a statement on Instagram, claiming that West had requested to use her song “I Feel Love” but was denied. They allege that West changed the lyrics, had someone re-sing it, or used artificial intelligence to recreate the track without proper authorization.

Similarly, Ozzy Osbourne claims that West asked to sample a section of his 1983 live performance of “Iron Man” but was refused permission. Osbourne accuses West of being an antisemite and causing heartache to many, and expresses his desire to have no association with the rapper.


Kanye West’s ongoing feud with Taylor Swift has taken a new turn with the release of his latest track, “Carnival.” The controversial lyrics have reignited the tensions between the two artists and sparked discussions about the boundaries of artistic expression. Additionally, accusations of unauthorized use of songs from the Donna Summer estate and Ozzy Osbourne have further fueled the controversy surrounding West. As the music industry continues to grapple with issues of ownership and creative freedom, the impact of these conflicts will undoubtedly shape the future of music. Share your thoughts on this ongoing feud and the broader implications it presents.

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