Karen Gillan Reigns as Queen Mary Tudor

Key Points:

  • Karen Gillan will star as Queen Mary I in the historical comedy ‘Fools’.
  • The film will delve into the little known story of Mary Tudor’s friendship with her female court jester.
  • Patsy Ferran, Brenda Blethyn, and Jim Broadbent are also cast in the film.
  • ‘Fools’ will be written and directed by BAFTA and Emmy winner Guy Jenkins.
  • The film will be produced by Ryan Bennett of PaperEpic Productions.
  • Altitude Film Sales will handle international sales, with UTA co-repping North America.
  • ‘Fools’ is set to shoot later this year and promises to be subversive, striking, and very funny.


Karen Gillan, known for her roles in “Avengers Endgame” and “Jumanji,” is set to take on a new and intriguing challenge as she leads the cast of the period comedy “Fools.” The film explores the untold story of Queen Mary Tudor and her unlikely friendship with her female court jester. With a talented cast and an experienced writer and director at the helm, “Fools” promises to be a subversive, striking, and very funny take on a historical tale.

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Delving into History: The Story of ‘Fools’

Set in the 16th century, “Fools” takes place in the aftermath of Henry VIII’s death. The film follows England’s first queen, Mary I, as she ascends the throne in a divided country on the brink of chaos. While the ambitious Cardinal Pole plots to secure control, he unknowingly overlooks the humble court jester, Jane Foole. The seemingly pious and humorless queen finds Jane’s brilliant slapstick routines uproariously funny, leading to a genuine friendship between the two. Jane’s comedy becomes a source of light in the darkest of times, helping Mary fend off Pole’s manipulations. But can Jane’s comedy save a nation from civil war?

A Stellar Cast and Crew

“Fools” boasts an exceptional cast, with Karen Gillan taking on the role of Queen Mary I. Gillan’s talent and versatility have been showcased in her previous work, and her portrayal of the queen is highly anticipated. Joining her are Olivier winner Patsy Ferran, Golden Globe and BAFTA winner Brenda Blethyn, and the multi-award-winning Jim Broadbent. The film will be written and directed by the acclaimed Guy Jenkins, known for his BAFTA and Emmy-winning work in projects like “What We Did On Our Holiday” and “Outnumbered.” Ryan Bennett of PaperEpic Productions will produce the film.

A Unique Take on History

“Fools” aims to turn the conventions of a historical film inside-out. It promises to be subversive, striking, and very funny, offering a fresh perspective on a little known chapter of history. The film explores the power of laughter and comedy, highlighting how Jane Foole’s routines not only lighten Mary’s mood but also play a crucial role in saving lives and defending moderation. Through this unique lens, “Fools” showcases the untold story of a friendship that defied societal norms and had a significant impact on the fate of a nation.


The announcement of Karen Gillan leading the cast in the period comedy “Fools” brings excitement and anticipation for this unique take on history. With a talented cast and crew, the film promises to shed light on the fascinating friendship between Queen Mary Tudor and her female court jester. As “Fools” delves into this untold story, it aims to be subversive, striking, and very funny. This film is set to captivate audiences with its fresh perspective and celebration of the power of laughter.

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