Kelce’s Candid Words to Taylor Swift Post-Grammys Triumph

  • Travis Kelce expresses admiration for Taylor Swift’s historic win
  • He promises to bring home a trophy of his own for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Travis reveals he got a special preview of Taylor’s upcoming album


Travis Kelce, the NFL tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, may not have been present at the 2024 Grammys to witness Taylor Swift’s groundbreaking win, but that didn’t stop him from showering her with love and support. After Taylor received her fourth Album of the Year trophy, making her the first artist to achieve this feat, Travis couldn’t contain his admiration. In a press conference the following day, he revealed what he said to Taylor and shared some exciting news about her upcoming album.

Travis Kelce’s Admiration for Taylor Swift

Unbelievable Talent Rewriting History

During the press conference, Travis couldn’t help but gush about Taylor’s incredible achievement. He described her as “unbelievable” and praised her for rewriting the history books with her record-breaking win. Travis recognized Taylor’s immense talent and expressed his awe at her continued success.

A Promise to Bring Home Some Hardware

Travis didn’t just shower Taylor with compliments; he also made a promise to her. Being an athlete himself, he understands the drive for victory and competition. Travis playfully stated that he would have to “hold up his end of the bargain” by bringing home some hardware of his own. With the Super Bowl on the horizon, he aims to bring glory to the Kansas City Chiefs, just like Taylor did for herself at the Grammys.

A Sneak Peek into Taylor’s Upcoming Album

The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Swift surprised fans with another exciting announcement during her Grammy acceptance speech for Best Pop Vocal Album. She revealed that her next album, titled “The Tortured Poets Department,” will be released on April 19. While fans eagerly await its arrival, Travis Kelce had the privilege of getting a sneak peek. He described the upcoming album as “unbelievable” and expressed his anticipation for the world to be shaken up by Taylor’s music once again.

Shaking Up the World

Travis Kelce’s words about Taylor’s upcoming album only heightened the curiosity and excitement surrounding its release. Fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the impact Taylor’s new music will have on the industry. Travis’ endorsement of her talent and the anticipation he feels for the album only adds to the buzz and raises expectations even higher.


Travis Kelce’s heartfelt message to Taylor Swift showcases their strong bond and mutual support. Despite not being physically present at the Grammys, Travis made sure to congratulate Taylor and express his admiration for her historic win. With his promise to bring home a trophy for the Kansas City Chiefs and his enthusiastic endorsement of Taylor’s upcoming album, fans can’t help but share in the excitement. As we eagerly await the release of “The Tortured Poets Department,” it’s clear that both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are ready to make their mark on their respective fields.

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