Kelly Rizzo and Breckin Meyer: New Romance Unveiled

  • First public sighting of Kelly Rizzo and Breckin Meyer together
  • Couple made their red carpet debut at a Grammys viewing party
  • Kelly opens up about dating again after Bob Saget’s death


Kelly Rizzo, the wife of the late Bob Saget, has made headlines after revealing that she is dating actor Breckin Meyer, just two years after her husband’s sudden death. The couple was recently spotted walking hand-in-hand in Los Angeles, sparking public interest in their newfound romance. This comes less than a week after they made their red carpet debut as a couple at a Grammys viewing party. Kelly’s openness about dating again after the loss of her husband has captivated both fans and the media.

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First Public Sighting of Kelly Rizzo and Breckin Meyer

On February 10, Kelly Rizzo and Breckin Meyer were photographed together in Los Angeles, marking their first public sighting as a couple since their red carpet debut. Kelly, 44, donned a brown leather jacket, white top, and light blue jeans, while Breckin, 49, sported a denim jacket over a gray hoodie and graphic T-shirt, paired with gray pants. The couple’s casual yet stylish outfits caught the attention of onlookers, further fueling speculation about their relationship.

Red Carpet Debut at Grammys Viewing Party

Kelly and Breckin made waves when they stepped out as a couple at the Jam for Janie 2024 Grammys viewing party. Breckin wore a dark gray denim jacket and matching jeans, paired with a graphic T-shirt, while Kelly stunned in a high neck, long sleeve, leopard-print, asymmetrical dress, paired with black, over-the-knee leather boots. The couple’s public appearance together confirmed their relationship, surprising many fans who were still mourning the loss of Bob Saget.

Kelly’s Journey to Finding Love Again

Following Bob Saget’s sudden death in 2022, Kelly Rizzo took her time to heal and navigate the grief of losing her husband. In a recent interview with E! News, she opened up about her journey to finding love again. Kelly admitted that it took a while for her to reach a point where she felt ready to date and move on. She also expressed her belief that Bob would be happy for her in her new relationship. Kelly’s honesty and vulnerability have resonated with many who have experienced loss and are inspired by her courage to embrace love once more.


Kelly Rizzo’s revelation of her relationship with Breckin Meyer has captivated the public’s attention. The couple’s first public sighting and red carpet debut as a couple have sparked curiosity and admiration. Kelly’s journey to finding love again after the loss of her husband has inspired many, and her openness about her emotions and experiences has garnered support and admiration. As they continue to navigate their new relationship, Kelly and Breckin serve as a reminder that love can bloom even in the face of tragedy.

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