Learning from Ayo: Tina Fey Guides Bowen Yang

  • The Bear actress Ayo Edebiri addresses her imprudent remarks on Jennifer Lopez
  • Edebiri apologizes during a sketch on Saturday Night Live
  • Tina Fey references the incident during a podcast segment with Bowen Yang


The Bear actress Ayo Edebiri has once again found herself in the spotlight after addressing her past comments on Jennifer Lopez. The incident resurfaced just before Edebiri’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, causing an awkward situation for both Edebiri and Lopez. However, during a sketch on SNL, Edebiri took the opportunity to apologize for her previous remarks, emphasizing the importance of being more thoughtful about online posts. This latest development has sparked further discussions about the impact of social media and the need for authenticity.

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Edebiri’s Apology on SNL

During a sketch on Saturday Night Live, Ayo Edebiri addressed her previous comments on Jennifer Lopez. She acknowledged her mistake and expressed remorse for running her mouth on a podcast without considering the impact of her words. Edebiri’s apology resonated with many, as she highlighted the importance of being more thoughtful about online posts and avoiding mean-spirited comments for clout. However, the incident had already caused tension before their joint SNL appearance, making for an uncomfortable situation.

Tina Fey’s Podcast Segment

SNL cast member Bowen Yang shared a segment from his podcast, Las Culturistas, featuring Tina Fey. In the segment, Fey brought up Edebiri’s gaffe during the recurring segment called “I Don’t Think So, Honey!” Fey jokingly advised Yang against giving his actual opinions on movies, citing Edebiri’s experience as a cautionary tale. She emphasized the long-lasting impact of podcasts and the potential dangers of authenticity. Edebiri chimed in, agreeing with Fey’s advice in a comment on Yang’s Instagram post.


The recent incident involving Ayo Edebiri’s past remarks on Jennifer Lopez has brought the importance of online accountability and authenticity to the forefront. Edebiri’s apology on SNL and the subsequent podcast segment with Tina Fey have sparked conversations about the impact of social media and the need to be more thoughtful about what we post online. It serves as a reminder that words have consequences, even in the digital age. As the discussions continue, it is crucial for individuals to learn from these experiences and strive for more respectful and considerate online interactions.

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