Liz Hurley, 58, sizzles in steamy sauna photos

  • Celebrities and fans express admiration for Elizabeth’s dedication and appearance
  • Elizabeth’s commitment to her well-being is evident as she returns to a renowned health resort
  • The resort’s challenging yet rewarding health programs have been successful for many celebrities
  • Elizabeth reflects on her continuous journey towards peak health and fitness


Elizabeth Hurley, the age-defying actress and model, has once again captivated her followers on Instagram with a series of stunning photos showcasing her timeless beauty and fit physique. In the photos, Elizabeth can be seen wearing a striking pink bikini inside what appears to be a sauna setting at the luxurious VIVAMAYER Maria Wörth resort.

Celebrities and Fans Admire Elizabeth’s Dedication

Upon sharing the photos, Elizabeth’s celebrity friends and fans were quick to express their admiration for her dedication and appearance. Abbey Clancy, model and television personality, praised Elizabeth as “absolute perfection,” while Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo, expressed a desire to join Elizabeth on her wellness journey. Fans echoed these sentiments, with one remarking on Elizabeth’s already perfect health and fitness, and another praising her for aging like “fine wine.”

Elizabeth’s Commitment to Her Well-being

Elizabeth’s decision to return to the VIVAMAYER Maria Wörth resort speaks volumes about her commitment to her health and well-being. Known for its stringent detox programs favored by celebrities, the resort has been a catalyst for many, including Rebel Wilson, who credited the resort for kickstarting her significant health overhaul. Elizabeth, familiar with the resort’s demanding yet fruitful detox experience, has previously lauded the program for revitalizing her energy and mojo.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

The VIVAMAYER Maria Wörth resort takes a holistic approach to wellness, offering a strict dietary regimen and a range of treatments aimed at detoxification and rejuvenation. Elizabeth’s return to the resort indicates her eagerness and openness to embracing the clinic’s programs once more, as she hopes to learn more about achieving and maintaining peak health and fitness. Her previous visits to the clinic have not only contributed to her physical well-being but have also been a source of learning and growth, illustrating her holistic view of health as a lifelong journey.


Elizabeth Hurley continues to amaze and inspire her followers with her dedication to health and wellness. At 58, she defies age and maintains a stunning figure through her proactive approach to maintaining her well-being. As she embarks on her latest wellness endeavor at the VIVAMAYER Maria Wörth resort, Elizabeth’s journey serves as a reminder that achieving and maintaining peak health and fitness is a lifelong pursuit. Her story resonates with fans and celebrities alike, inspiring others to prioritize their own well-being.

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