L’Occitane soars as Blackstone offer rumors fuel excitement


L’Occitane’s shares gain 9.4% on news of potential Blackstone offer

    • Blackstone conducting due diligence and considering teaming up with L’Occitane’s chairman
    • L’Occitane previously considered going private last year

L’Occitane International, the skincare company known for its natural beauty products, saw a significant surge in its shares after reports emerged that private equity firm Blackstone is considering a bid. The news has sparked excitement among investors and industry experts, leading to a sharp increase in L’Occitane’s stock price. This development could potentially reshape the future of the renowned skincare brand and open new avenues for growth.

Potential Blackstone Offer

According to sources familiar with the matter, Blackstone has been conducting preliminary due diligence as it explores the possibility of acquiring L’Occitane. The private equity firm is carefully considering the potential benefits of a partnership with L’Occitane’s billionaire chairman, Reinold Geiger. This collaboration could lead to a joint effort in acquiring the company, allowing both parties to leverage their expertise and resources for the brand’s future success.

L’Occitane’s Previous Plans

This is not the first time L’Occitane has contemplated a change in ownership. Last year, Geiger expressed interest in taking the company private. However, the plans did not materialize, as the controlling shareholder decided against proceeding with the transaction. Now, with Blackstone’s potential bid on the table, L’Occitane has an opportunity to explore alternative paths for growth and expansion.

Market Response

News of Blackstone’s interest in L’Occitane has had an immediate impact on the company’s stock price. L’Occitane’s shares surged 9.4% to 28.45 Hong Kong dollars in early Asian trade, marking its largest daily percentage gain since May of last year. Investors are optimistic about the potential partnership between Blackstone and L’Occitane, recognizing the value it could unlock for the skincare brand.


The possibility of Blackstone’s bid for L’Occitane has generated significant interest and excitement in the market. If the deal goes through, it could mark a new chapter for the skincare company, opening doors to fresh opportunities and growth. As the situation develops, it will be interesting to see how L’Occitane and Blackstone navigate the potential acquisition and what it means for the future of this renowned beauty brand.

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