Mama June Slams Anna’s Daughters After Tragic Loss


  • Mama June reflects on daughter Anna’s death in emotional video
  • Supportive comments pour in from fans
  • Mama June’s custody battle with Anna’s ex-husband continues
  • Anna’s custody wishes to be revealed on Mama June: Family Crisis
  • Introduction

    Two months after the tragic death of Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, her mother, June “Mama June” Shannon, took to Instagram to share an emotional selfie video. In the video, Mama June expressed her sadness that Anna’s children have to grow up without their mother. The post coincided with the premiere of the new season of Mama June: Family Crisis, which features footage of Anna in her final months. The heartfelt video received an outpouring of support from fans, who expressed their condolences and offered prayers for the family.

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    Mama June’s Emotional Reflection

    In the selfie video, Mama June expressed her disbelief and sorrow over the tragic situation her family finds themselves in. She admitted that she never expected to face such a heartbreaking loss and shared her frustrations about the difficult conversations surrounding life insurance and the future of Anna’s children. Clips from the upcoming season of Mama June: Family Crisis were also included in the video, giving fans a glimpse into Anna’s final months.

    Fans Pay Tribute to Anna

    The comments section of Mama June’s Instagram post was flooded with messages of support and tribute to Anna. Fans thanked Mama June for sharing Anna’s story and expressed their sympathy for the family. Many viewers acknowledged the upcoming season of the show and anticipated an emotional journey as they watched Anna’s final moments. The weight of Anna’s absence and the impact on her children struck a chord with fans, who offered their thoughts and prayers to the grieving family.

    Mama June’s Custody Battle

    Amidst the release of the new season and the mourning of Anna’s death, Mama June is also facing a heated custody battle with Anna’s ex-husband, Michael Cardwell. Following Anna’s passing, Michael filed a lawsuit against Mama June in a Georgia court, seeking custody of their 11-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn. Michael was already granted custody of their 8-year-old daughter, Kylee, due to Anna’s strained relationship with Mama June. The custody battle adds another layer of complexity and emotional strain for the family during this already difficult time.

    Anna’s Custody Wishes

    Mama June revealed that Anna’s custody wishes were captured during the filming of Mama June: Family Crisis. She emphasized the importance of honoring Anna’s wishes and stated that viewers will hear directly from Anna about her desires. Mama June acknowledged that the upcoming season will be challenging to watch, as it delves into sensitive topics and reveals personal struggles. She reassured fans that their lives have been documented, urging them to understand the complexities they have faced as a family.


    Mama June’s emotional reflection on the loss of her daughter Anna has touched the hearts of fans worldwide. The outpouring of support and tribute to Anna in the comments section of Mama June’s Instagram post is a testament to the impact she had on people’s lives. As Mama June navigates the custody battle with Anna’s ex-husband, the upcoming season of Mama June: Family Crisis promises to shed light on Anna’s custody wishes and provide a deeper understanding of the challenges the family has faced. Share your thoughts and prayers for Mama June and her family in the comments below.

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