Meet the Stars of ‘Lisa Frankenstein’: A Horror Comedy

Key Points:

    • Lisa Frankenstein is a new theatrical feature film written by Diablo Cody and directed by Zelda Williams.
    • The film combines elements of comedy, horror, and romance to create a unique and captivating story.
    • Kathryn Newton stars as Lisa, a young woman who becomes attached to the corpse of a young man.
    • Cole Sprouse plays the role of The Creature, the reanimated corpse who brings chaos to Lisa’s town.
    • The film also features Carla Gugino as Janet, Lisa’s potential stepmother, and Liza Soberano as Taffy, Lisa’s closest friend.
    • Joe Chrest portrays Dale, Lisa’s clueless 1980s dad who is unaware of his daughter’s unusual attachment.
    • Lisa Frankenstein is set to be a cult classic, with an impressive ensemble cast and an ambitious directorial debut.


The classic tale of Frankenstein is being given a modern 1980s twist in the upcoming theatrical feature film, Lisa Frankenstein. With a screenplay written by Diablo Cody, known for her work on Jennifer’s Body, and directed by Zelda Williams in her directorial debut, the film promises to be a unique blend of genres, including comedy, horror, and romance. Lisa Frankenstein tells the story of a young woman named Lisa, played by Kathryn Newton, who becomes obsessed with a corpse she tends to in a graveyard. But when that corpse, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, comes back to life as a falling apart creature, chaos ensues in Lisa’s town.

The Cast and Characters of Lisa Frankenstein

Kathryn Newton as Lisa Swallows

Kathryn Newton, known for her roles in horror films like Freaky and shows like Big Little Lies, takes on the lead role of Lisa in Lisa Frankenstein. Lisa is a teenage girl who has always felt like an outcast, and her attachment to the corpse of a young man only heightens her isolation. Newton’s performance is expected to bring depth and vulnerability to the character, as she navigates love, happiness, and the challenges of having a relationship with a reanimated corpse.

Cole Sprouse as The Creature

Cole Sprouse, known for his role in the popular series Riverdale, takes on the role of The Creature in Lisa Frankenstein. The Creature is the reanimated corpse of a young man who arises from the dead after Lisa’s attempts to revive him. Sprouse’s experience in crime comedy and his ability to bring depth to his characters make him the perfect fit for this role. As The Creature, Sprouse undergoes a transformation as he regains his humanity through his interactions with Lisa.

Carla Gugino as Janet

Carla Gugino, known for her captivating performances in films like Gerald’s Game and series like The Haunting of Hill House, portrays Janet in Lisa Frankenstein. Janet is portrayed as a potential stepmother or family member to Lisa, and she is not pleased with Lisa’s unconventional ways. Gugino’s ability to portray complex and intriguing characters makes her a natural fit for the role of Janet, adding an element of tension and conflict to the story.

Liza Soberano as Taffy

Liza Soberano, known for her work in Alone/Together, joins the cast of Lisa Frankenstein as Taffy, Lisa’s closest friend. Taffy is one of the few people who accepts Lisa for who she is, despite her oddities. Soberano’s performance is expected to bring warmth and friendship to the character, providing a support system for Lisa as she navigates her unusual relationship with The Creature.

Joe Chrest as Dale

Joe Chrest, known for his role as Ted Wheeler in Stranger Things, plays the role of Dale, Lisa’s clueless 1980s dad. Dale is unaware of his daughter’s attachment to the corpse and remains oblivious to the chaos that is unfolding in their town. Chrest’s experience in portraying clueless yet lovable characters adds a touch of humor to the film, as Dale’s ignorance becomes a source of comedic relief.


Lisa Frankenstein is set to be a cult classic, blending comedy, horror, and romance into a captivating and unique story. With an impressive ensemble cast, including Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, Carla Gugino, Liza Soberano, and Joe Chrest, the film promises to deliver a fresh take on the classic tale of Frankenstein. Directed by Zelda Williams and written by Diablo Cody, Lisa Frankenstein is a must-watch for fans of the genre and those looking for a unique and entertaining cinematic experience.

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