Megan Fox debuts stunning new tattoo in sheer dress

  • Megan Fox debuts a huge new body tattoo at a Grammys viewing party in LA
  • The 37-year-old actress had previously expressed regret over the tattoo
  • The intricate black and gray ink features a phoenix and blooming red flowers
  • Megan’s revealing chainmail dress also attracts attention
  • She accessorizes with an oversized lip ring and stunning jewelry
  • Previous tattoos, including one of Marilyn Monroe, have been modified or removed
  • Megan’s new tattoo is finally revealed after months of keeping it under wraps
  • She also gets fine-line tattoos on her fingers by a New Jersey-based artist


Megan Fox, known for her stunning looks and extensive tattoo collection, turned heads at a Grammys viewing party in LA over the weekend. The 37-year-old actress not only flaunted a completely see-through dress but also unveiled a massive new body tattoo. This comes just months after Megan admitted regretting the new ink and having to “rework it.” Let’s dive into the details of her eye-catching appearance.

Megan’s New Body Tattoo

Megan’s new body tattoo is a detailed black and gray design that spans from the top of her shoulder down to her wrist, forming a full sleeve. The ink appears to depict a majestic phoenix, symbolizing rebirth and transformation, with blooming red flowers intertwined to add pops of color. When she arrived at the Grammys viewing party, Megan initially covered up the tattoo with a large black coat. However, she soon dropped the shoulders to reveal the intricate artwork, which instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Revisiting Megan’s Previous Tattoo Regrets

This isn’t the first time Megan has expressed regret over her tattoos. In fact, she had a portrait of Marilyn Monroe removed from her forearm years ago. The decision came after learning about Marilyn’s struggles with mental health. Megan believes that having a negative character associated with her body doesn’t align with the positive energy she wants in her life. Additionally, she has had other tattoos modified or covered up, including a tribute to her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, which she replaced with a snake and floral design.

Fine-Line Finger Tattoos and Other Inkings

In addition to her new body tattoo, Megan has added several fine-line tattoos to her fingers on both hands. These delicate designs include the number 11 on both pinkie fingers, tiny stars, dotted lines, a bowtie, crosses, and an evil eye. Megan had these finger tattoos done by a New Jersey-based artist, Sydney Smith. Furthermore, last year, she had the Spanish word ‘el pistolero’ tattooed underneath her collarbone as a tribute to her partner, Machine Gun Kelly.


Megan Fox continues to captivate and surprise with her ever-evolving tattoo collection. Her latest appearance at a Grammys viewing party showcased a stunning new body tattoo, which she had previously expressed regret over. Megan’s bold fashion choices, including a revealing dress, only added to the attention-grabbing moment. As she continues to modify and add to her ink, fans can’t help but admire her commitment to self-expression and personal growth.

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