Movie Lovers Flock as Clients Desert ‘Rogue’ Archie

  • Allegations of fake self-tape auditions and late payments rock Bodhi Talent
  • Purnell denies accusations and vows to take legal action
  • Actors express shock and disappointment as they seek new representation


The Manchester-based talent agency, Bodhi Talent, has been hit by a wave of client departures following accusations against its founder, Archie Purnell. The allegations, brought to light in a recent investigation by Deadline, depict Purnell as a “rogue trader” who has engaged in fraudulent practices and violated industry regulations. The claims have sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, leaving many actors feeling betrayed and seeking new representation.

Allegations Rock Bodhi Talent

Fake Auditions and Late Payments

According to the Deadline investigation, Purnell has been accused of sending clients fake self-tape audition invites, leading actors to believe they had legitimate opportunities. Additionally, Purnell allegedly broke industry regulations by consistently paying actors late, causing financial strain and frustration among the talent represented by Bodhi.

In response to the allegations, Purnell sent an email to clients, expressing his heartbreak over the claims and categorizing them as false. He pointed to an individual who he claimed had previously attempted to harm his character but did not provide further details.

While Purnell and his business partner, Ricky Cortis, have taken legal action against those involved, Deadline has repeatedly offered Purnell the opportunity to respond to the specific allegations, which he has declined to do.

Actors Seek New Representation

The fallout from the allegations has been swift, with several actors taking to social media to announce their departure from Bodhi Talent. Among them is Danni Jackson, creator and star of Comedy Central UK’s YouTube series, Bad Cramps. Jackson cited issues with communication and empty promises as her reasons for leaving.

Another actor, Kianyah Caesar-Downer, who has appeared in the BBC series Doctors, expressed shock at the allegations, emphasizing that no one expects to see their agent splashed across headlines in such a negative light.

Actors Laura Castle, Matthew Harris, Jess Hulme, and Michael Ross also voiced their intention to find new representation in the wake of the allegations.

Notable clients, including Hollyoaks star Emma Rigby and Tommy Cannon of the comedy double act Cannon and Ball, have not publicly commented on the situation.


The accusations against Archie Purnell and Bodhi Talent have sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with actors expressing their disappointment and seeking new representation. As the legal battle unfolds, the truth behind the allegations will determine the future of Bodhi Talent and the careers of its clients. Stay tuned for further updates as this story continues to develop.

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