Next.js 13 Crash Course: Learn the Latest Features from Brad Traversy


Next.js 13 is the latest version of the popular React framework, and it comes with a number of new features and improvements. In this crash course, we’ll learn about the latest features of Next.js 13, and we’ll follow along with a video tutorial by Brad Traversy.

New Features in Next.js 13

Here are some of the new features in Next.js 13:

  • App Directory

The app directory is a new way to organize your Next.js projects. It makes it easier to create and manage pages, and it also makes it easier to use Next.js’s new routing system.

  • New Routing System

Next.js 13 comes with a new routing system that is more flexible and powerful than the previous routing system. The new routing system makes it easier to create complex applications with multiple pages and routes.

  • Next Fonts

Next Fonts is a new feature that makes it easy to load fonts from Google Fonts into your Next.js projects. Next Fonts automatically optimizes the fonts for your application, and it also makes it easy to use different fonts on different pages.

  • React Server Components

React Server Components are a new feature that allows you to render React components on the server. This can improve the performance of your applications, and it can also make it easier to create SEO-friendly applications.

Following Along with the Video Tutorial

To learn more about the new features in Next.js 13, I recommend following along with the video tutorial by Brad Traversy. The video tutorial is available on Brad’s YouTube channel.


In this crash course, we learned about the latest features in Next.js 13. We also followed along with a video tutorial by Brad Traversy. I hope you found this crash course helpful.

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