Nikola snubs founder’s bid, denies board expansion

  • Nikola Corp. rejects nominees proposed by its founder Trevor Milton’s entity
  • Milton’s M&M Residual owns a significant share of Nikola Corp.
  • Milton has been convicted of securities and wire fraud
  • Nikola’s current board defends their expertise and experience


Nikola Corp., the hydrogen- and electric-truck maker, has made a decisive move by rejecting the nomination of five “dissident” board members proposed by its founder, Trevor Milton. This rejection comes in light of the founder’s criminal convictions and his lack of involvement in the company’s operations since September 2020. In a statement, the board of directors emphasized the nominees’ lack of experience and skills, asserting that they would not contribute positively to the company’s growth.

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Nikola Corp. Rejects Nominees Proposed by Founder’s Entity

Nikola Corp., founded by Trevor Milton, has firmly rejected the nomination of five board members proposed by Milton’s entity, M&M Residual LLC. Milton’s entity owns a significant stake in Nikola Corp., making him the company’s third-largest shareholder. However, the board of directors has deemed these nominees unfit for the role, citing their lack of public company experience and the absence of any valuable skills or expertise they could bring to the table.

Milton’s Criminal Convictions and Lack of Involvement

Trevor Milton has been criminally convicted of securities fraud and wire fraud, which raises concerns about his credibility and decision-making abilities. Furthermore, the board of Nikola Corp. highlights that Milton has had zero involvement in the company’s day-to-day operations since September 2020. Despite this, the company continues to face the consequences of Milton’s past business decisions during his tenure as founder and executive chairman.

Nikola Corp.’s Current Board Defends Expertise and Experience

Nikola Corp. emphasizes the expertise and experience of its current board members, who come from diverse backgrounds such as trucking, energy technology startups, and customer service. The company believes that their collective knowledge and understanding of the complex hydrogen ecosystem are crucial for Nikola’s success. The board stands firmly behind its members and asserts that they possess the necessary skills to navigate the challenges ahead.


Nikola Corp.’s rejection of the proposed board nominees from Trevor Milton’s entity reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining a qualified and experienced board of directors. The founder’s criminal convictions and lack of involvement in the company’s operations have led Nikola to prioritize the expertise of its existing board members. As the company strives for success in the hydrogen and electric-truck market, it remains confident in its current board’s ability to guide Nikola towards a prosperous future.

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