NY Community Bank Thrives with Increased Deposits

  • New York Community Bancorp Inc. names executive chairman and reports increased deposits
  • Moody’s downgrades bank’s credit rating, causing stock volatility
  • JPMorgan Chase analyst downgrades stock, citing high risk profile and executive departures
  • Citi analyst reiterates neutral rating, highlights near-term pressure on profitability
  • Fitch cuts long-term issuer default ratings, stock tumbles


New York Community Bancorp Inc., a regional bank, has taken steps to reassure investors amid recent challenges. The bank has named an executive chairman to its board and reported an increase in total deposits, emphasizing its “ample” liquidity. However, the bank’s stock remains volatile, rebounding slightly after hitting a 27-year low. This article will explore the key developments and reactions surrounding New York Community Bancorp and the potential impact on its future.

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Moody’s Downgrade and Executive Departures

On Tuesday, Moody’s downgraded New York Community Bancorp’s credit rating to a speculative grade, or “junk,” rating. The downgrade was attributed to financial, risk-management, and governance challenges. Despite this, Chief Executive Thomas Cangemi stated that the bank’s deposit ratings remain investment grade and that the downgrade is not expected to have a material impact on contractual arrangements. The bank’s stock experienced significant after-hours and premarket volatility following the Moody’s downgrade. Additionally, reports confirmed the departure of the bank’s chief risk officer and chief audit executive, further heightening investor concerns.

Increased Deposits and Liquidity

New York Community Bancorp reported an increase in deposits to $83 billion as of February 5th, up from $81.4 billion at the end of December. The bank also highlighted its total liquidity of $37.3 billion, exceeding uninsured deposits of $22.9 billion with a coverage ratio of 163%. These figures demonstrate the bank’s strong liquidity position and its ability to meet regulatory requirements. However, concerns about profitability and a shift in deposits away from uninsured deposits have led to a neutral rating from Citi analyst Keith Horowitz.

Stock Downgrades and Market Reaction

JPMorgan Chase analyst Steven Alexopoulos downgraded New York Community Bancorp’s stock to neutral from overweight, citing the bank’s high risk profile and executive departures. The stock’s price target was also lowered. Fitch Ratings followed suit by cutting the bank’s long-term issuer default ratings to one notch above junk, with a negative outlook. These downgrades have put additional pressure on the bank’s stock and may make it more challenging for New York Community Bancorp to issue debt. The stock has already experienced a significant decline in recent months, while the broader market has seen gains.


New York Community Bancorp Inc. is taking steps to reassure investors after Moody’s downgrade and stock volatility. The bank’s increased deposits and ample liquidity provide a positive sign amidst the challenges it faces. However, concerns about profitability and executive departures continue to impact investor sentiment. As the bank works to improve all aspects of its operations, it remains to be seen how these developments will shape its future performance.

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