Olivia Rodrigo’s Grammys: Did She Shade Taylor Swift?

    • Fans speculate on Olivia Rodrigo’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s album announcement
    • Contrasting opinions on whether shade was thrown or disappointment expressed
    • Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo show support for each other during the event
    • Background on the rumored feud between the two artists

Fans of both Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift were left wondering if there was any bad blood between the two pop stars after Olivia’s reaction during the Grammy Awards. While accepting her Best Pop Album win, Taylor Swift announced her upcoming album, which seemed to elicit a less than thrilled response from Olivia. The cutaway footage showed Olivia appearing to roll her eyes slightly, leading to speculation of shade being thrown. However, opinions on the matter remain divided.

Did Olivia Shade Taylor Swift?

Some fans were quick to interpret Olivia’s reaction as shade thrown at Taylor Swift. A TikTok video capturing the moment garnered comments from fans who believed Olivia’s response was genuine and relatable. One fan wrote, “I love Olivia. She’s so real for that,” while another added, “LOL me too sis.” However, another viewer defended Olivia, stating that she was simply disappointed she didn’t win anything and hoped she was okay.

Support and Love Between the Artists

Contrary to the speculation of a feud, there were numerous instances during the Grammys that showcased the support and love between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. During Olivia’s performance of her song “Vampire,” Taylor was one of the few audience members who stood up, danced, and sang along throughout the entire performance. Olivia even blew Taylor a kiss after finishing the song, capturing a heartwarming moment between the two artists.

The Feud Rumors and Background

Rumors of a feud between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift began when Olivia retroactively gave Taylor and producer Jack Antonoff credit on her hit song “Deja Vu.” This move was seen as an attempt to avoid plagiarism allegations due to alleged similarities between the track and Taylor’s “Cruel Summer.” The tension seemed to escalate when Taylor chose Olivia’s rival, Sabrina Carpenter, to open for her during her South America Eras tour dates. Additionally, fans speculated that Olivia’s lead single, “Vampire,” from her second studio album, may be about Taylor, which Olivia neither confirmed nor denied during an interview.


While fans continue to debate whether Olivia Rodrigo threw shade at Taylor Swift during the Grammy Awards, moments of support and love between the two artists were also evident. The rumored feud between them and the perceived shade thrown by Olivia adds to the intrigue surrounding their relationship. As fans eagerly await Olivia’s response or any further developments, it remains to be seen if there is any animosity between the two talented musicians.

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