Oscar Races Heat Up: Cillian Murphy, Paul Giamatti

  • Uncertainties loom as the road to the Oscars is checkered with awards group accolades
  • Potential surprises and question marks arise as industry bodies honor their members
  • Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” could potentially set a record for most wins
  • Crucial races in flux as the big night approaches


As the anticipation for the Oscars builds, the path leading to the prestigious awards ceremony is paved with recognition from various industry bodies. The accolades bestowed by groups such as the Directors Guild of America (DGA), Producers Guild of America (PGA), British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) can often set the stage for potential surprises and uncertainties. The biggest question mark of all is whether the Academy will align with the consensus or go in a different direction, potentially favoring Christopher Nolan’s epic film, “Oppenheimer,” which has the potential to break records. In the midst of these unknowns, let’s take a closer look at some of the races that remain firmly in flux as we approach the big night.

Best Actor

The Best Actor category is crowded with five esteemed actors, each championing a compelling narrative. Paul Giamatti takes the lead with his portrayal of a prickly yet ultimately benevolent teacher in “The Holdovers,” gathering momentum with wins at the Golden Globe and Critics Choice Awards. However, Cillian Murphy’s riveting performance in “Oppenheimer” as the brilliant mind behind the atomic bomb could dominate the night. Additionally, Bradley Cooper, who has been nominated multiple times in the past, eyes an overdue victory for his role in “Maestro.” With Netflix’s robust campaign for “Maestro,” the streaming giant aims to convert the film’s seven nominations into wins.

Original and Adapted Screenplay

The screenplay races remain incalculable, especially with “Barbie” switching categories from original to adapted. The delay of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Awards further complicates predictions. The race for Best Original Screenplay seems to be a showdown between the French courtroom drama “Anatomy of a Fall” and the heartwarming holiday dramedy “The Holdovers,” with the former winning the Golden Globe. However, “Barbie,” which was nominated as an original script at the Critics Choice Awards and upcoming BAFTAs, could emerge as a potential victor. In the Adapted Screenplay category, Cord Jefferson’s satirical dramedy “American Fiction” and Tony McNamara’s “Poor Things” are strong contenders. The potential “Oppenheimer” sweep adds another layer of uncertainty, with Christopher Nolan having the chance to win for both directing and screenplay.

Production Design and Costume Design

For the first time in two decades, five films are competing in both the production design and costume design categories. “Barbie,” “Killers of the Flower Moon,” “Napoleon,” “Oppenheimer,” and “Poor Things” vie for recognition in these artisan categories. “Barbie” impresses with its vibrant settings and ingenious homages to the iconic doll, while “Poor Things” offers a tapestry of visual opulence, blending period elegance with futuristic whimsy. However, winning in these categories does not necessarily translate to a Best Picture win. In the past, only one best picture winner walked away with both production design and costumes.


As the Oscars draw near, the races for Best Actor, Original and Adapted Screenplay, and Production Design and Costume Design remain too close to call. The uncertainty surrounding these categories adds to the excitement and anticipation of the big night. With potential surprises and question marks, the Academy could either align with the consensus or go against the grain, making this year’s Oscars one to watch. Only time will tell how the night unfolds and which films and talents will emerge victorious. Share your predictions and join the conversation about the awards season.

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