Oscar’s Next Move: Stunts and Voice Acting Categories?

  • The Academy announces a new category for casting in the Oscars
  • The decision has been widely celebrated on social media
  • Questions arise about future categories and the length of the awards ceremony
  • The Academy has yet to confirm if the casting award will be featured during the televised ceremony
  • Casting directors are often overlooked and this recognition is long overdue
  • Other potential categories, like stunts and voice acting, are also being considered for future Oscars
  • The Academy Awards have evolved over time and there is a desire to include more craftspeople and artists in the ceremony
  • The challenge lies in incorporating all categories into a single ceremony without exceeding time constraints
  • The BAFTA casting award shows that the best casting doesn’t always align with the best picture
  • Introducing a casting category at the Oscars acknowledges the collaborative effort involved in making a great movie


The Oscars, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the film industry, has finally acknowledged the crucial role of casting directors by adding a new category for casting. The announcement of this much-anticipated category has been met with enthusiasm on social media, with many considering it a long-overdue recognition of the unsung heroes behind the scenes. However, the inclusion of this new category raises questions about the future of the Oscars and how additional categories will be accommodated in a ceremony that strives to keep its runtime under three hours.

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Details and Uncertainties

While the Academy has announced the addition of the casting category, it has yet to confirm whether the award will be featured during the televised ceremony. The specifics of eligibility and voting for the inaugural award will be disclosed in April 2025, along with the complete rules for the 98th Academy Awards. The presentation method of the award will be determined by the Academy’s Board of Governors and its administrative leadership at a later date. Excluding casting directors from the telecast, especially after the backlash faced by the Academy in 2022 for excluding certain categories, would be a significant oversight.

The Unsung Heroes

Casting directors play a crucial role in the filmmaking process, yet their contributions often go unnoticed by the general public. These professionals are responsible for selecting the perfect actors to bring a script to life and create memorable on-screen performances. Renowned casting directors like David Rubin, known for his work on “The English Patient,” have brought their expertise to the industry for years. The inclusion of a casting category will finally give these talented individuals the recognition they deserve.

Potential Future Categories

The addition of a casting category opens up the possibility for other categories to be considered in the future. One category that has been discussed is stunts, which is currently recognized by the SAG Awards. Stunt artists have long been an integral part of the film industry, and there is growing momentum to give them the recognition they deserve at the Oscars. Additionally, there have been suggestions for categories such as voice acting, motion capture, title design, music supervision, and hair and makeup. As the industry evolves, the Oscars need to adapt and acknowledge the diverse talents that contribute to the creation of a film.

The Challenge of Inclusion

With the addition of the casting category, the Oscars now have a total of 24 categories to accommodate in a single ceremony. Balancing the desire to celebrate all the craftspeople and artists involved in filmmaking while keeping the ceremony engaging and within a reasonable runtime poses a challenge. While it would be ideal for the ceremony to run as long as necessary, financial considerations and network constraints make this unlikely. The Tony Awards, Primetime Emmys, and Grammys have all found ways to include numerous categories through pre-show ceremonies and broadcast highlights, providing a potential model for the Oscars to consider.

The BAFTA Casting Award

The history of the BAFTA casting award shows that the film named the best picture does not always have the best ensemble. Previous winners and nominees for the BAFTA casting award have not always aligned with the lineup of Oscar frontrunners. This demonstrates that the best casting is not always synonymous with the best picture, highlighting the importance of recognizing casting as a distinct and essential category.

An Acknowledgment of Collaboration

The introduction of a casting category at the Oscars is a significant step toward acknowledging that no single person is responsible for making a great movie. It takes a village of talented individuals, including casting directors, to bring a film to life. By giving casting directors the recognition they deserve, the Oscars are paying tribute to the collaborative effort that goes into creating memorable and impactful films.


The Oscars’ decision to add a category for casting is a long-overdue acknowledgment of the vital role casting directors play in the film industry. It opens up the possibility for other categories, such as stunts and voice acting, to be considered in the future. As the Oscars continue to evolve, it is essential to find a balance between honoring all the craftspeople and artists involved in filmmaking and keeping the ceremony engaging and within a reasonable runtime. The addition of the casting category at the Oscars is a positive step toward recognizing the collaborative effort involved in making a great movie.

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