PA Governor’s Move Boosts Pot Stocks Amid Cannabis Prioritization

  • Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro suggests legalizing adult-use cannabis to generate $250 million in tax revenue
  • If approved, Pennsylvania would become the 25th state to allow adults over 21 to purchase cannabis
  • Cannabis stocks surge following the announcement
  • Neighboring states with legal cannabis programs are attracting new businesses and revenue
  • Germany’s Traffic Light Coalition agrees on a deal for cannabis legalization


Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s proposal to legalize adult-use cannabis has sparked optimism in the industry, leading to a surge in cannabis stocks. With the potential to generate $250 million in tax revenue, the governor believes it is time for Pennsylvania to join the growing number of states embracing adult-use cannabis. This news has caught the attention of investors and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

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Pennsylvania’s Potential Revenue Boost

Governor Shapiro’s proposal aims to establish legal cannabis businesses through the state Legislature, starting from July 1. By legalizing adult-use cannabis, Pennsylvania could tap into a lucrative market and generate significant tax revenue. This move would make Pennsylvania the 25th state to allow adults over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis legally. The potential revenue of $250 million would greatly benefit the state’s economy and provide opportunities for growth.

Positive Impact on Cannabis Stocks

The announcement of Pennsylvania’s potential legalization of adult-use cannabis has had an immediate positive impact on cannabis stocks. The AdvisorShares U.S. Cannabis ETF, along with several individual cannabis companies such as Curaleaf Holdings Inc., Tilray Brands Inc., and Green Thumb Industries, experienced significant gains. This surge in stock prices reflects investor confidence in the future of the cannabis industry, particularly in states that are considering legalization.

Competing with Neighboring States

Governor Shapiro highlighted the fact that Pennsylvania is losing out on critical revenue and new businesses to neighboring states, such as New York, New Jersey, and Ohio, which already have legal cannabis programs. By legalizing adult-use cannabis, Pennsylvania can level the playing field and attract businesses and revenue that are currently flowing to its neighbors. This move would not only boost the state’s economy but also create jobs and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Germany’s Potential Legalization

In addition to Pennsylvania’s proposal, Germany’s Traffic Light Coalition has agreed on a deal for cannabis legalization. This development could have a significant impact on North American cannabis companies with operations in Germany. If approved, Germany could legalize cannabis as early as April, further expanding the global cannabis market and opening up new opportunities for businesses.


The prospect of Pennsylvania legalizing adult-use cannabis has ignited optimism in the industry. Governor Shapiro’s proposal to generate $250 million in tax revenue has caught the attention of investors and cannabis enthusiasts, leading to a surge in pot stocks. If approved, Pennsylvania would join the growing number of states embracing the economic potential of the cannabis industry. With Germany also considering legalization, the global cannabis market is poised for further growth and development.

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