Piers Morgan bids farewell to daily talk show, embraces YouTube

  • Piers Morgan decides to leave his TalkTV show and transition to a YouTube series
  • Morgan cites the large digital audience and global reach as the reason for his decision
  • Questions arise about the future of the TalkTV channel after Morgan’s departure


Piers Morgan, the renowned British television presenter and journalist, has announced that he will be ending his TalkTV show and instead focusing on a YouTube series. In a recent interview, Morgan revealed that he no longer wants to create content for linear television and instead wants to go full digital globally. This decision raises questions about the future of TalkTV and highlights the growing dominance of digital platforms.

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Morgan’s Decision to Go Full Digital

In his interview with Semafor, Morgan explained his reasons for leaving TalkTV. He emphasized the “gigantic” audiences he was able to reach on digital platforms compared to traditional television. According to Morgan, a recent interview with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was seen by 50,000 people on TalkTV, while on YouTube, it reached five times as many viewers. This stark contrast in viewership numbers influenced Morgan’s decision to focus on digital content creation.

The Success of Piers Morgan Uncensored

Morgan’s TalkTV show, titled Piers Morgan Uncensored, was one of the flagship programs on the channel owned by News UK. The show launched almost two years ago and has garnered a significant following. However, the allure of the digital platform, with its vast global reach and potentially unlimited audience, proved too tempting for Morgan to ignore.

Implications for TalkTV

Morgan’s departure from TalkTV leaves the future of the linear channel uncertain. As one of the channel’s most prominent hosts, his decision to shift his focus solely to digital content raises questions about the viability of traditional television in an increasingly digital landscape. The TalkTV channel, owned by News UK, has not yet commented on Morgan’s departure or provided any insight into its future plans.


Piers Morgan’s decision to end his TalkTV show and concentrate on his YouTube series marks a significant shift in the media landscape. With the lure of a larger audience and the potential for global reach, it is clear that digital platforms are increasingly becoming the preferred medium for content creators. Morgan’s departure raises questions about the future of linear television and highlights the need for traditional channels to adapt to the evolving digital age.

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