Prince Harry’s Royal Retreat: A Solo Visit to King Charles

  • Prince Harry flies to the UK to be with his father, King Charles III, following his cancer diagnosis
  • Speculation arises about where Prince Harry will be dropping off his luggage during his visit
  • Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, and their children will be staying in Montecito, California due to school commitments
  • Frogmore Cottage, their former UK base, is no longer available to them
  • Prince Harry’s concerns about his family’s security may affect his choice of accommodation


Prince Harry has flown to the UK to be by his father’s side following King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis. As the Duke of Sussex makes this solo trip, many are left wondering where he will be staying and dropping off his luggage during his visit. This article will delve into the details of Prince Harry’s private home during his time in the UK without his wife, Meghan Markle.

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Prince Harry’s Former UK Base

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously used Frogmore Cottage as their UK base. This five-bedroom, four-bathroom house located on King Charles’ Windsor estate underwent a £2.4 million renovation before the couple moved in with their son, Archie. However, they were asked to vacate Frogmore Cottage in 2023 following the publication of Prince Harry’s book, Spare. The Duke and Duchess have since repaid the renovation costs, leaving the Crown with an enhanced asset.

Prince Harry’s Fondness for Frogmore Cottage

In his book, Prince Harry expressed his fondness for Frogmore Cottage, describing it as a place where he and Meghan Markle were “destined to live.” He spoke of their enjoyment of the gardens and their interactions with the Queen’s gardeners. Frogmore Cottage held a special place in their hearts, but due to the circumstances, it is no longer available for their use.

Alternative Accommodation and Security Concerns

Given Prince Harry’s concerns about his family’s security, it is uncertain whether he will be granted access to a property on the crown estate to maintain his privacy during this sensitive family matter. In the past, royal protection was taken away from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after their exit from the royal family in 2020. Prince Harry has expressed his belief that his children cannot feel at home in the UK if their safety cannot be guaranteed.


As Prince Harry embarks on his solo visit to be with his father, King Charles III, during his cancer diagnosis, the location of his stay remains undisclosed. With his former UK base, Frogmore Cottage, no longer available, Prince Harry’s choice of accommodation and concerns for his family’s security are at the forefront. The Duke of Sussex’s privacy and safety will undoubtedly be prioritized during this sensitive time.

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