Prince William Takes Care of Kids While Kate Recovers

  • Catherine, Duchess of Wales, undergoes abdominal surgery for undisclosed cause
  • Prince William and children not allowed to visit during her recovery at the London Clinic
  • Kate is released and returns home to Adelaide Cottage at Windsor Castle
  • Speculation about Kate’s condition and the nature of her surgery
  • William steps back from royal duties to take care of their children and support Kate
  • Appreciation for the simplicity of family life and focus on Kate’s recovery


The recovery period for Catherine, Duchess of Wales, following her recent abdominal surgery has been a challenging time for both her and her family. With restrictions on visitation at the London Clinic where she was recuperating, Prince William and their three children were unable to be by Kate’s side. However, the Duchess has now been released and is back home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Castle, where she will continue her recovery.

Speculation and Recovery

There has been much speculation surrounding Kate’s condition since the announcement of her surgery. The Kensington Palace statement provided limited details, leading to various theories including a tummy tuck, hysterectomy, or a procedure related to her severe morning sickness and rumored eating disorder. Despite the speculation, Kate has remained guarded about her condition, recognizing that it comes with being a member of the royal family. The official statement assures that Kate is making good progress, although her recovery will be a lengthy process.

A Gentle Reminder for the Kids

While Kate focuses on her recovery, Prince William has taken on the role of caretaker for their children. With the assistance of their long-term nanny, William has been managing school drop-offs, pickups, and household responsibilities. He has even taken up cooking, preparing meals such as oatmeal, smoothies, roast chicken, and Kate’s favorite curry. However, it hasn’t been without its challenges, as the children need reminders to be gentle and considerate of their recovering mother. Louis, in particular, sometimes forgets that he shouldn’t jostle her.

Home Sweet Home

Despite the initial medical scare, Kate’s recovery period has allowed William and Kate to appreciate the simple joys of being at home with their children. It harkens back to their early days of marriage when they resided in Anglesey, Wales. The couple reminisces about the peace and simplicity of that time, free from the hectic schedules and demands of royal duties. While they long for a return to normalcy, their focus remains on Kate’s recovery and her eventual return to her royal responsibilities.


As Catherine, Duchess of Wales, continues her recovery at home, Prince William has stepped up to care for their children and support his wife. The family cherishes the time together and the reminder of simpler days. The road to recovery may be long, but their determination and love for one another will undoubtedly see them through.

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