Putin’s Useful Idiot: Tucker Carlson’s Sycophantic Interview

  • Carlson allows Putin to deliver a stump speech without interruption
  • No fact-checking or challenging from Carlson
  • Putin distorts history and blames Ukraine for the conflict
  • Carlson fails to press Putin on imprisoned journalist


The recently released interview between Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin has sparked controversy and criticism. Rather than being an engaging and informative conversation, it appears that Carlson has transformed into a sycophant, allowing Putin to deliver a lengthy monologue without any pushback. This interview raises questions about Carlson’s journalistic integrity and his willingness to challenge powerful figures.

Putin’s Monologue

Throughout the interview, Putin takes the opportunity to name-drop historical figures and discuss his views on Russia’s place in the world. Carlson remains passive, failing to fact-check or interrupt Putin’s ramblings. This lack of engagement from Carlson is reminiscent of Oliver Stone’s reverential documentary on Putin, further undermining Carlson’s credibility as an interviewer.

Distorting History

One of the most concerning aspects of the interview is Putin’s distortion of history. He claims that Ukraine started the war in 2014 and portrays Russia’s invasion as a necessary effort to stop the conflict. Carlson, however, fails to challenge this false narrative, despite the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and has a personal connection to the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

Imprisoned Journalist

When Carlson finally attempts to press Putin on the imprisoned Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, his efforts are inadequate. Putin accuses Gershkovich of espionage and insists that he was caught receiving classified information. Carlson does not challenge this claim or advocate for the imprisoned journalist’s release, allowing Putin to manipulate the situation for his own benefit.


It is evident that Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin showcases his transformation into a useful idiot for the Russian president. By failing to challenge Putin’s distortions and allowing him to deliver a monologue, Carlson amplifies the Kremlin’s version of reality. This interview raises concerns about Carlson’s journalistic integrity and his willingness to hold powerful figures accountable.

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