Redfin: Gun, Abortion and LGBTQ Laws Impact Homebuyer Migration

  • State and local laws are becoming a major factor in where people choose to buy homes
  • Redfin survey reveals one-third of real estate agents have worked with clients who moved due to political and legal considerations
  • Gun laws, reproductive rights laws, and tax policies are among the key factors influencing relocation decisions


In the world of real estate, location has always been a crucial factor for home buyers. However, a recent survey conducted by brokerage firm Redfin has shed light on a new trend: the influence of state and local laws on people’s decisions to move. According to the survey, one-third of real estate agents have worked with clients who relocated within the past year primarily due to political and legal considerations. This shift highlights the increasing polarization of the nation and the impact it has on individuals’ preferences when it comes to housing.

The Impact of Political and Legal Considerations

Gun Laws: A Factor in Relocation

One of the key political considerations affecting home buyers’ decisions is gun laws. With the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down constitutional protection for a woman’s right to have an abortion, and the varying stances on gun control across different states, individuals are reevaluating where they want to live. Redfin agents have reported working with clients who have moved to states with stricter gun laws or, conversely, to states with more lenient regulations. This demonstrates how personal beliefs and values are increasingly influencing housing choices.

Reproductive Rights Laws: Shaping Relocation Preferences

Reproductive rights laws are another major factor influencing home buyers’ decisions. As states diverge on this issue, individuals are seeking to live in places where the laws align with their own views. Redfin’s survey found that some clients have chosen to relocate from more conservative states to more liberal areas, or vice versa, in order to live in communities that better reflect their personal beliefs. This highlights the importance of political alignment and the desire for individuals to live in places where their neighbors share similar views.

Tax Policies: A Consideration for Relocation

Tax policies also play a role in home buyers’ decisions to relocate. Many conservative states offer lower taxes and fewer restrictions on companies, attracting residents who prioritize business opportunities and financial benefits. On the other hand, individuals who value progressive tax policies may choose to move to states that align with their economic and political ideals. This demonstrates how financial considerations, in addition to political and legal factors, can influence housing choices.

The Changing Landscape of Home Buyers’ Relocations

Moving from Blue to Red States

While some individuals are moving from red states to blue states or vice versa, Redfin has observed a trend of people moving from blue states to red states. This shift is often driven by lower housing costs and a desire to live in communities with similar political views. Redfin’s report highlights migration routes such as San Francisco to Austin, Seattle to Phoenix, and New York to Orlando and other parts of Florida. These moves demonstrate how affordability and political alignment can shape individuals’ decisions to relocate.

Remote Work and Flexibility

The increasing flexibility of remote work has also played a role in enabling individuals to make decisions about where they live based on political preferences and local laws. With more people no longer tied to a specific location due to their jobs, they have the freedom to choose communities that align with their personal beliefs. This newfound flexibility has opened up opportunities for individuals to live in places that best reflect their values and priorities.


As the nation becomes increasingly polarized, state and local laws are exerting a significant influence on where people choose to buy homes. Redfin’s survey highlights the impact of politics and legal considerations, such as gun laws, reproductive rights laws, and tax policies, on individuals’ relocation decisions. While factors like affordability and proximity to work and family still play a crucial role, it is clear that personal beliefs and alignment with local laws are becoming key considerations for home buyers. With remote work enabling greater flexibility, individuals now have more choices when it comes to finding communities that reflect their values.

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