Rohit Sharma’s On-Field Outburst Goes Viral: Cricket Lovers Beware!

  • Rohit Sharma expresses his emotions on the field
  • Animated behavior during the second Test against England
  • A video of his frustration goes viral
  • India wins the second Test to draw level in the series


Rohit Sharma, the senior player in the Indian cricket team, is known for never holding back when it comes to expressing his emotions on the field. Despite his experience, he continues to display his animated side during matches. In the recently-concluded second Test against England in Vishakhapatnam, Sharma’s emotions got the better of him as he scolded his teammates and celebrated dismissals in an aggressive manner. A video capturing his frustration has now gone viral on social media platforms.

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Rohit Sharma vents his frustration

During the crucial moments of the match, with England still in contention to win, Rohit Sharma could be seen scolding his teammates. The stump mic caught his words, “Mera gale ka watt lag gaya hai chilla chilla ke tum sab ko” (Roughly translated to ‘My throat is hurting after screaming so much at all of you’). The video quickly gained attention and started circulating on social media.

India’s victory and series status

In the second Test, India managed to defeat England by 106 runs, leveling the five-match series at 1-1. Despite England’s spirited performance while chasing the formidable target of 399 runs, they were eventually bowled out for 292 runs. Jasprit Bumrah and Ravichandran Ashwin played pivotal roles, picking up three wickets each in the second innings.

Key performances in the match

India’s first innings saw Yashasvi Jaiswal scoring a double century, helping the team reach a total of 396 runs. England managed to score 253 runs in their first innings before being bowled out. Bumrah showcased his bowling prowess by taking six wickets for just 45 runs. In the second innings, India scored 255 runs, with Shubman Gill hitting a century.


Rohit Sharma’s animated behavior on the field during the second Test against England has sparked widespread discussion and interest among cricket fans. His scolding of teammates and passionate celebrations highlight his dedication and competitive spirit. The viral video has attracted attention to the match and Sharma’s emotional display. As the series continues, fans eagerly await the next chapter of this thrilling contest between India and England.

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