Sarah Snook lends her voice to stop-motion drama ‘Memoir Of A Snail’

  • Sarah Snook to voice protagonist in Adam Elliot’s upcoming stop-motion drama
  • Snook plays Grace Puddle, a lonely misfit addicted to romance novels
  • Charades and Anton release fresh image for the production
  • Memoir of a Snail marks Snook’s first lead voice role in a feature animation
  • The film is currently in post-production for an expected 2024 release


Australian actress Sarah Snook has been cast as the lead voice and narrator in director Adam Elliot’s upcoming stop-motion drama “Memoir of a Snail.” The Paris-based sales and production company Charades and London-based studio Anton have released a new image for the production ahead of the European Film Market (EFM), where they will showcase a new promo.

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Snook’s Role and Background

In “Memoir of a Snail,” Snook will voice the protagonist Grace Puddle, a lonely misfit who hoards ornamental snails and is addicted to romance novels. This marks Snook’s first lead voice role in a feature animation, adding to her already impressive acting credits. She is currently starring in a 14-week run of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” at London’s Theatre Royal, where she plays all 26 characters.

The Director and Production Details

“Memoir of a Snail” is director Adam Elliot’s second feature, following his award-winning animation “Mary and Max.” Elliot previously won an Oscar for his 2004 short film “Harvey Krumpet.” The stop-motion work is set in 1970s Australia and follows Grace Puddle’s coming-of-age journey after her family unit is torn apart, resulting in her separation from her twin brother.

The Storyline and Voice Cast

As Grace Puddle spirals into anxiety and depression, her life takes a colorful turn when she befriends an elderly eccentric woman named Pinky. The international voice cast also includes Jacki Weaver, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Dominique Pinon, Magda Szubanski, and Eric Bana. The film is currently in post-production after shooting in Melbourne, Australia, and is expected to be released in 2024. Distribution in Australia and New Zealand will be handled by Madman Entertainment.

Production and Financing

“Memoir of a Snail” received significant production investment from Screen Australia in association with Anton and Charades. It was developed and produced in association with VicScreen and financed with support from Soundfirm, Mind the Gap Finance, the Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund (MIFF), and private equity.


With Sarah Snook’s addition to the cast and the release of a fresh image for “Memoir of a Snail,” anticipation for this stop-motion drama is growing. The film promises to take audiences on a heartfelt journey through the life of Grace Puddle, filled with colorful characters and emotional depth. As the project progresses towards its expected 2024 release, fans of Snook and animation enthusiasts alike eagerly await this unique and captivating cinematic experience.

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