Sean Maguire’s Hollywood Move to Detective Wife: A Celebrity’s Hidden Paradise

  • Sean Maguire reprised his role as Marlon Collins in Death in Paradise’s 100th episode
  • A familiar face on our screens, Sean has had a successful career in TV and film
  • Sean’s home life includes his wife, detective Tanya Flynn, and their three children
  • The couple got married in 2012 and have been together for over 11 years
  • Sean and his family currently reside in Los Angeles
  • Sean’s move to the US was motivated by his desire to escape the downsides of fame
  • In 2020, Sean and his wife became US citizens to participate in the Presidential election


More than a decade after his debut in Death in Paradise, Sean Maguire returned for the show’s 100th episode. While Sean is known for his on-screen roles, including Scott & Bailey and EastEnders, there is much more to his life away from the cameras. In this article, we delve into his personal life, including his marriage to detective Tanya Flynn, their move to Los Angeles, and their journey to becoming US citizens.

Sean Maguire’s Wife and Family

When he’s not busy filming, Sean can be found at home in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. Sean met Tanya Flynn, a police detective, shortly before being cast in Death in Paradise. Sean revealed in an exclusive interview with HELLO! that he brought Tanya with him to Guadeloupe after accepting the role, a decision that proved to be a good move for their relationship. The couple tied the knot in October 2012 and celebrated with a second wedding for their family and friends in December 2014.

In the interview, Sean shared his love and appreciation for his wife, calling her his “north, south, east, west, working week, and daily rest.” Together, they have three children: sons Flynn Patrick and Leo James, born in 2015 and 2017 respectively, and daughter Amèlie Rose, who arrived in 2021. Sean and Tanya returned to Guadeloupe with their children when Sean was cast in series 13 of Death in Paradise.

Sean Maguire’s Move to Los Angeles and US Citizenship

Almost 25 years ago, Sean and Tanya made the decision to move to Los Angeles, leaving behind the UK and its celebrity culture. Sean, who had experienced the downsides of fame, wanted to focus on his acting career rather than the trappings of celebrity. In 2020, Sean and Tanya took another significant step by becoming permanent United States citizens, allowing them to participate in the November Presidential election.

Sean expressed his love for the country and his belief in what it can be. He stated that he wanted to be part of the change and the first thing he did as a new citizen was register to vote. This move solidified their commitment to their new home and their desire to have a say in its future.


Sean Maguire’s return to Death in Paradise’s 100th episode gives fans a chance to see their favorite actor in action once again. While his on-screen performances are captivating, his life away from the cameras is just as intriguing. From his loving marriage to detective Tanya Flynn to their move to Los Angeles and their recent US citizenship, Sean’s personal journey adds depth to the talented actor we know and love.

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