Shikhar Dhawan Aims to Guide Punjab Kings to IPL Trophy

  • Veteran opener Shikhar Dhawan reveals his dedication to prepare for the upcoming IPL season
  • The 38-year-old aims to help Punjab Kings secure their first IPL championship
  • Dhawan has been out of the Indian team plans, focusing on leading Punjab Kings in the cash-rich league


Veteran Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan has set his sights on the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season and hopes to lead the Punjab Kings to their first IPL title in 2024. Despite being out of the Indian team plans, Dhawan has been working hard to prepare for the tournament and is determined to make a significant impact as the captain of Punjab Kings.

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Preparations for IPL

In a recent interview with News18 India’s event called ‘Chaupaal,’ Dhawan expressed his confidence in his preparations for the IPL. He emphasized his focus on improving his fitness, skills, and visualization techniques, aiming to perform exceptionally well in the upcoming season. Dhawan’s ultimate goal is to help Punjab Kings clinch the IPL trophy, and he is committed to following a strong process and preparation to achieve this feat.

A Leader’s Role

Dhawan understands the significance of enjoying the process and creating a nurturing environment within the team. As a leader, he aims to foster an atmosphere where all the players are happy and can perform their best. With many young players in the Punjab Kings squad who have the potential to represent the Indian team in the future, Dhawan sees his role as guiding and supporting them in their development.

Past Performance and Retention

Shikhar Dhawan has been an integral part of the Punjab Kings franchise since 2022, when he was bought for a significant amount of 8.25 crores in the IPL auction. Despite the team not being a top contender in the IPL, Dhawan has consistently been one of their top performers. His experience and leadership skills make him an invaluable asset to the Punjab Kings.

Prior to the auction, Punjab Kings retained the majority of its players, including key foreign players like Sam Curran, for whom they paid a whopping INR 18.5 crore. This retention strategy demonstrates the team’s confidence in its existing talent and the desire to build a strong and competitive squad for the upcoming IPL season.


As the 2024 IPL season approaches, Shikhar Dhawan’s dedication and determination to lead Punjab Kings to their maiden IPL title are evident. His focus on fitness, skills, and creating a nurturing environment within the team showcases his commitment to both personal and team success. With his experience and leadership abilities, Dhawan is poised to make a significant impact on Punjab Kings’ performance in the upcoming season.

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