Sony Pictures Acquires Global Rights to Hilarious Chinese Comedy ‘YOLO’

  • Sony Pictures secures international distribution rights to mainland Chinese comedy film ‘YOLO’
  • The film is written, directed by, and stars Jia Ling, China’s top-grossing female filmmaker
  • ‘YOLO’ releases in China on the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday
  • Sony recently acquired English remake rights to Jia Ling’s previous film ‘Hi, Mom’
  • ‘Hi, Mom’ earned $750 million, becoming the world’s top-grossing movie directed by a solo female
  • ‘YOLO’ is one of the frontrunners for box office dominance during the Lunar New Year holiday period


Sony Pictures has made a significant move in the global film industry by acquiring the international distribution rights to the mainland Chinese comedy film “YOLO.” The film, written, directed by, and starring Jia Ling, is set to release in China on the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday. With Jia Ling being China’s top-grossing female filmmaker, this acquisition marks another milestone for Sony Pictures in expanding its international film catalog.

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Jia Ling’s Success and ‘Hi, Mom’

Jia Ling gained international recognition with her previous film, “Hi, Mom,” a heartwarming story that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The film follows a young woman who travels back in time to the 1980s and becomes best friends with her own mother. “Hi, Mom” became a massive success, earning $750 million and surpassing all other movies directed by solo females in terms of global box office revenue. Sony’s recent acquisition of the English remake rights to “Hi, Mom” demonstrates their confidence in Jia Ling’s storytelling ability and her potential to capture international audiences.

‘YOLO’ and the Lunar New Year Holiday

‘YOLO’ is one of the highly anticipated films releasing during the Lunar New Year holiday period in China. This period is known for its crowded yet lucrative box office competition. With pre-sales pointing to a strong opening, “YOLO” is expected to dominate the box office alongside two other frontrunners. Sony Pictures’ acquisition of the international distribution rights positions the film for global success, potentially introducing Jia Ling’s work to a wider audience.


The acquisition of international distribution rights for “YOLO” by Sony Pictures signifies their commitment to showcasing diverse and compelling stories from around the world. Jia Ling’s success as a filmmaker, coupled with the anticipation surrounding “YOLO” during the Lunar New Year holiday, sets the stage for a global release that could captivate audiences internationally. As Sony Pictures continues to expand its international film catalog, audiences can look forward to experiencing the unique storytelling and talent of filmmakers like Jia Ling.

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