Stunning Vegas Sister Vacation: Willis-Moore Daughters’ Robe Pose!

Key Points:

  • Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s three daughters celebrate the youngest, Tallulah, turning 30.
  • The family embarked on a celebratory vacation to Las Vegas, joined by their mom and some friends.
  • The sisters shared snippets of their trip on social media, including matching outfits and fun experiences in Sin City.
  • Loving tributes were posted by family members to honor Tallulah’s milestone.
  • Demi Moore provided advice for her daughters in light of Bruce Willis’ battle with frontotemporal dementia.


The Willis-Moore household is buzzing with excitement as the Hollywood family gathers to celebrate a milestone in their youngest daughter’s life. Tallulah, daughter of exes Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, turned 30 on February 3. Despite their divorce, the family remains close, and this big weekend was no exception. The sisters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, along with their mom Demi and some friends, embarked on a celebratory family vacation to Las Vegas, making it a memorable girls’ trip.

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A Vegas Adventure

Las Vegas became the backdrop for the Willis sisters’ unforgettable weekend. The trio took the city by storm, sharing outtakes from their trip on social media. They posted a stunning selfie, showcasing their fashionable outfits before a night out. Rumer donned a little black dress, Scout opted for a structured black dress, and Tallulah rocked a feathered coat, exuding style and glamour. The sisters delighted their followers with snippets of their experiences, from mesmerizing light shows to trying their luck at slot machines. They also captured moments of sisterly bonding with mirror selfies in matching bathrobes.

A Family Celebration

The focus of the weekend was undoubtedly Tallulah’s birthday, and her family made sure to shower her with love. Each family member took to social media to express their adoration for the birthday girl. Scout, in a heartfelt message, referred to Tallulah as her “favorite person in the entire world to SCHEME with” and praised her for being the coolest person she knows. Rumer, reflecting on their lifelong bond, expressed her love for Tallulah’s big heart and described her as the best aunt to Rumer’s baby. Demi Moore shared a sun-soaked photo of herself, Tallulah, and Bruce, conveying her love and warm wishes for her daughter on her milestone birthday.

Advice in Challenging Times

Amidst the celebration, Demi Moore took the opportunity to provide advice to her daughters, given the challenging situation surrounding Bruce Willis’ battle with frontotemporal dementia. Speaking on Good Morning America, Demi emphasized the importance of meeting her children where they are and embracing the beauty, sweetness, and joy that can still be found. She acknowledged the difficulties but urged her daughters to focus on what is and not what isn’t. Her words of wisdom resonated with many, highlighting the strength and resilience of the Willis-Moore family.


The Willis-Moore family’s weekend in Las Vegas was filled with love, celebration, and sisterly bonding. Tallulah’s milestone birthday brought them together, and the joy and unity were evident in their social media posts. As Bruce Willis battles frontotemporal dementia, the family remains a close-knit unit, offering support and love. Demi Moore’s advice to her daughters serves as a reminder to find beauty in difficult times and cherish the moments that bring them closer.

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