Super Bowl Halftime Show shake-up due to family emergency

  • Tiësto announces unexpected departure from Super Bowl LVIII lineup
  • Cites “personal family emergency” as reason for withdrawal
  • Tiësto expresses regret and gratitude towards the NFL
  • NFL actively working on finding a replacement DJ
  • Tradition of guest DJ during pregame activities at the Super Bowl
  • Tiësto was set to make history by playing throughout the entire game
  • Interview with Tiësto reveals excitement and plans for Super Bowl performance
  • Tiësto’s career highlights his enduring appeal in the music industry


Just days before Super Bowl LVIII, DJ Tiësto has announced his unexpected withdrawal from the event’s lineup. Citing a “personal family emergency,” Tiësto expressed his regret at missing the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl. The NFL, faced with the task of finding a replacement, is actively working on a solution. This news has left fans and the NFL in anticipation of a future collaboration with Tiësto.

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Renowned DJ Tiësto Withdraws from Super Bowl LVIII Lineup

Tiësto, the renowned Dutch DJ, has withdrawn from the lineup of Super Bowl LVIII due to a “personal family emergency.” In a heartfelt message on social media, Tiësto expressed his regret at missing the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest sporting events in the world. He emphasized the importance of family and thanked the NFL for their understanding and collaboration. Tiësto’s withdrawal has left fans and the NFL wondering who will take his place.

Super Bowl Tradition of Guest DJ

Traditionally, the Super Bowl has featured a guest DJ during pregame activities. In recent years, notable names such as DJ Khaled, D-Nice, Zedd, and DJ Snake have graced the Super Bowl stage. However, this year was set to be historic, with Tiësto scheduled to play throughout the entire game, including televised breaks. This decision showcased the growing integration of music into the sports event.

Tiësto’s Excitement and Plans for Super Bowl Performance

In a recent interview with Variety, Tiësto shared his excitement and slight apprehension about performing for an audience of approximately 200 million viewers. He acknowledged the unique pressure and opportunity that the Super Bowl presented. Tiësto revealed plans to incorporate tracks that resonate with the Super Bowl audience, including the Beastie Boys’ anthem “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party),” famously associated with Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. He also hinted at a potential nod to Taylor Swift.

Tiësto’s Enduring Appeal in the Music Industry

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over three decades, Tiësto has remained a pivotal figure in the electronic dance music scene. His recent work, especially since joining Atlantic Records in 2020, has showcased a series of high-profile collaborations that highlight his versatility and enduring appeal in the industry. Notably, his remix of The White Lotus theme song, Renaissance, stands out as the only official remix of the popular series, further cementing Tiësto’s legacy as a musical innovator.


As fans and the NFL come to terms with DJ Tiësto’s unexpected withdrawal from the Super Bowl LVIII lineup, the anticipation for a future collaboration remains high. Tiësto’s focus on family and his gratitude towards the NFL for their understanding have resonated with fans. The NFL is actively working on finding a replacement DJ to fill the void left by Tiësto. The Super Bowl tradition of featuring a guest DJ during pregame activities continues to evolve, and fans eagerly await the announcement of Tiësto’s replacement.

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