Super Micro board member invests $1M after 600% surge

  • Super Micro Computer Inc. shares have surged more than 600% over the past year
  • Board member Fred Chan buys 2,000 Super Micro shares, spending $1.14 million
  • Chan now owns 42,917 shares worth over $28 million
  • Super Micro’s sales doubled in the latest quarter and are projected to triple in the current quarter
  • CEO Charles Liang expresses confidence in the AI boom
  • Another board member, Daniel Fairfax, sells 300 shares


Super Micro Computer Inc., a storage and server company, has witnessed a remarkable surge in its shares, increasing by more than 600% over the past year. This impressive growth has caught the attention of board member Fred Chan, who recently demonstrated his confidence in the company by purchasing over $1 million worth of Super Micro stock. This move comes as Super Micro experiences strong momentum and exponential sales growth in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. While Chan’s purchase signals optimism, another board member, Daniel Fairfax, chose to sell some of his shares. This contrasting behavior among board members adds to the intrigue surrounding Super Micro’s future.

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Super Micro’s Soaring Success

Super Micro’s recent success can be attributed to its partnership with Nvidia Corp., a leading AI technology company. The surge in Super Micro’s shares reflects the growing demand for AI-related products and services. The company’s sales doubled in the latest quarter, and analysts are predicting a tripled growth rate in the current quarter. The CEO, Charles Liang, expressed his confidence in the ongoing AI boom, stating that he expects it to continue for many quarters, if not years, to come.

Fred Chan’s Vote of Confidence

Board member Fred Chan, who has a background in engineering and real estate, recently purchased 2,000 Super Micro shares at a cost of $1.14 million. This transaction not only demonstrates Chan’s belief in the company’s future prospects but also significantly increases his ownership stake. With a total of 42,917 shares, Chan’s investment is now valued at over $28 million. His bold move sends a strong signal to other shareholders and market observers that he believes in the company’s potential for further growth.

Contrasting Actions of the Board

While Fred Chan’s purchase indicates confidence, fellow board member Daniel Fairfax chose to sell 300 Super Micro shares. Fairfax sold his shares at $540 apiece, amounting to a transaction valued at $162,000. Despite Fairfax reducing his position in the company, he still holds 20,087 shares, worth approximately $13 million. The divergent actions of the board members contribute to the intrigue surrounding Super Micro’s future trajectory.


The recent surge in Super Micro Computer Inc.’s shares has caught the attention of investors and market observers alike. Board member Fred Chan’s purchase of over $1 million in stock sends a signal of confidence in the company’s growth potential. The strong momentum in the AI industry and Super Micro’s robust sales growth have contributed to the company’s success. As the AI boom continues, Super Micro is poised for further growth and market dominance. The contrasting actions of the board members add to the intrigue surrounding the company’s future. Will Super Micro’s shares continue to soar, or will they face challenges in sustaining their impressive growth? Only time will tell.

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