Surprising BAFTA Nomination: ‘Blue Bag Life’ Filmmakers Share Excitement

  • Small British documentary earns unexpected recognition
  • A deeply personal and unflinching portrait of addiction
  • Unique production approach challenges traditional filmmaking model


In a year filled with shocks and surprises, the BAFTA nominations have left many film enthusiasts buzzing. While the omission of “Barbie” and Andrew Scott’s snub dominated the headlines, there is one film that has quietly made its mark. “Blue Bag Life,” a small, low-budget British documentary, has secured a spot in the outstanding debut category. This deeply personal film, directed by Lisa Selby and her collaborative team, explores the raw and emotional journey of addiction. Despite its humble origins, “Blue Bag Life” has captivated audiences and earned its place among the prestigious BAFTA nominees.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Salvation

“Blue Bag Life” is not your typical documentary. It draws on a collection of photos and videos taken by artist Lisa Selby, originally shared on her Instagram account. The film delves into Selby’s life, marked by the addiction of her estranged mother and her partner’s relapse and incarceration. The story takes viewers on a pilgrimage of self-discovery and salvation as Selby navigates the profound impact of addiction on her life. With its unflinching honesty and intimate portrayal, “Blue Bag Life” has touched the hearts of audiences and garnered critical acclaim.

A Surprise Nomination

Despite its limited resources and lack of a traditional awards campaign, “Blue Bag Life” has managed to gain recognition and maintain momentum since its premiere at the 2022 BFI London Film Festival. The film won the audience award at the festival and was released in the UK with Modern Films in April 2023. Its success can be attributed to positive word-of-mouth and its ability to resonate with a wide range of viewers, addressing themes such as addiction, fertility complications, and difficult relationships.

A New Approach to Filmmaking

One of the most remarkable aspects of “Blue Bag Life” is its unique production story. Director Rebecca Lloyd-Evans and producer Natasha Dack Ojumu chose to challenge the traditional hierarchical structure of filmmaking. They decided to credit all five key collaborators, including Lisa Selby herself, as co-directors and filmmakers. This collaborative approach allowed each individual’s voice and perspective to shape the film. However, this non-traditional model presented challenges when it came to submitting for awards like BAFTA, which typically favor the auteur filmmaker.

The BAFTA Nomination Surprise

When the BAFTA nominations were announced, the “Blue Bag Life” team was in for a shock. They were the first to be announced in their category, and their surprise quickly turned into elation. Rebecca Lloyd-Evans described feeling flabbergasted, as they never expected to be recognized among the nominees. They consider themselves underdogs in the industry, making their nomination all the more meaningful.

A Collective Presence on the BAFTA Stage

As the BAFTA ceremony approaches, the “Blue Bag Life” team is eagerly preparing for the possibility of winning. They are determined to maintain their collective approach, ensuring that all five filmmakers have visibility on stage. While they understand the challenges of having multiple individuals give speeches, they hope to find a way for everyone to be seen and acknowledged.


“Blue Bag Life” has defied expectations and proven that a small, low-budget documentary can make a big impact. Its BAFTA nomination serves as recognition for the honest and compelling storytelling that Lisa Selby and her collaborative team have brought to the screen. As the awards ceremony approaches, the question remains: will “Blue Bag Life” emerge as the surprise winner? Whether they take home the award or not, the filmmakers have already made their mark, challenging traditional filmmaking norms and inspiring others to embrace new approaches to storytelling.

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