Sydney Gordon: The Bachelor Star of Season 28

  • Get to know Sydney Gordon, the reality television star
  • Discover her entrepreneurial ventures and dream job
  • Uncover the drama between Sydney and fellow contestant Maria Georgas
  • Find out what happens to Sydney on her journey to find love


After just two episodes of The Bachelor season 28, Sydney Gordon has already caught the attention of fans with her fiery personality and involvement in some mansion drama. In this article, we delve into who Sydney Gordon is, her professional endeavors, and the feud that has sparked controversy on the show.

Who is The Bachelor’s Sydney Gordon?

Sydney Gordon is a confident and adventurous woman who is looking for love on The Bachelor. Born on July 28, 1995, Sydney has traveled the world, visiting exotic locations like Thailand and Australia, before settling in Rhode Island, where she currently resides. Her ABC bio describes her as smart, free-spirited, and entrepreneurial, with a desire to find a man who shares her love for adventure.

What Is Sydney Gordon’s Job?

Aside from her reality television appearances, Sydney is a successful entrepreneur. She owns and operates Folk Vintage Co., a meticulously curated vintage store located in Newport, Rhode Island. The store reflects Sydney’s passion for sustainability and offers a handpicked selection of vintage pieces that capture the essence of different eras. In addition to her store, Sydney also owns a marketing studio called Syd Gord Studio LLC.

The Drama Between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas

During the second episode of The Bachelor season 28, tensions arose between Sydney and fellow contestant Maria Georgas. The conflict began when another contestant, Madina Alam, expressed her concerns about being the oldest woman in the cast. Maria made a comment behind Madina’s back, implying that age shouldn’t matter. Sydney overheard the comment and confronted Maria, accusing her of being condescending.

The situation escalated when someone else brought Sydney’s concerns to Maria’s attention. Upset that she was being talked about, Maria confronted Madina directly. The conversation became heated as Madina expressed her feelings of being belittled. Although they seemingly resolved their issues, Sydney referred to Maria as “annoying” in a confessional, while Maria dismissed the entire situation as “dumb.”

According to RealitySteve, the drama between Sydney and Maria will continue to unfold in subsequent episodes, culminating in a two-on-one date with Joey, the Bachelor. However, it appears that the Bachelor sides with Maria, as Sydney reportedly gets sent home during the date.


Sydney Gordon is a standout contestant on The Bachelor season 28, both for her entrepreneurial spirit and her involvement in the mansion drama. As the season progresses, fans eagerly await to see how Sydney’s journey unfolds and who ultimately wins the heart of the Bachelor. Stay tuned for more updates on Sydney Gordon’s dramatic journey on The Bachelor.

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