Taylor Swift Surprises Tokyo Fans with New Song

  • Swift adds “Come In With the Rain” and “You’re on Your Own, Kid” to setlist
  • Possible reference to boyfriend Travis Kelce
  • Swift and Kelce’s relationship timeline


Taylor Swift delighted fans at her final Tokyo concert on Saturday, February 10, by adding two acoustic favorites to her setlist. The surprise songs, “Come In With the Rain” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and “You’re on Your Own, Kid” from Midnights, were met with excitement from the crowd. This unexpected addition has sparked speculation among fans, with many believing that it could be a subtle reference to Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

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Possible Easter Egg for Travis Kelce

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has become known for her clever Easter eggs and hidden messages in her songs. The choice to include “You’re on Your Own, Kid” in her Tokyo concert setlist has led fans to speculate that it could be a nod to her relationship with Travis Kelce. The song’s lyrics, which mention friendship bracelets and taking chances, seem to align with the couple’s journey.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Timeline

Swift and Kelce first made headlines in July 2023 when the Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed that he had attempted to ask Swift out after attending her Eras Tour. Kelce shared this story on his podcast, “New Heights,” expressing his disappointment that he didn’t get a chance to give Swift one of the DIY friendship bracelets that fans exchange during her concerts.

After Kelce’s podcast episode aired, Swift reached out to him, and they started talking. Their relationship quickly blossomed, with Swift attending 12 of Kelce’s NFL games during the regular season and playoffs. She even made an appearance at the Chiefs’ AFC championship game in January. Despite their busy schedules, the couple has managed to make time for each other and support one another’s careers.


Taylor Swift’s decision to include “You’re on Your Own, Kid” in her Tokyo concert setlist has sparked excitement among fans. Many believe that it could be a hidden message referencing her relationship with Travis Kelce. As the couple’s love story continues to unfold, fans eagerly await more surprises and Easter eggs from Swift in the future.

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