Tech Layoffs: LinkedIn Support Groups Helping Job Seekers

  • Inc., Twitch, and other tech companies announce layoffs
  • Support groups on LinkedIn help laid-off workers connect and find new roles
  • The Tech League and Tech Layoff Resources groups provide networking and job opportunities
  • Tech layoffs disproportionately impact HR, DEI, and certain tech roles
  • Opportunities for reskilling in AI and machine learning emerge


The tech industry continues to face layoffs in 2024, with major companies such as Inc. and Twitch making significant cuts. Alongside these layoffs, support groups on LinkedIn have emerged to help affected workers network and find new job opportunities. The Tech League and Tech Layoff Resources groups have garnered thousands of members since their inception, providing a supportive community for those impacted by tech layoffs. This article explores the ongoing layoffs, the role of support groups, and the potential for reskilling in emerging tech fields.

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Amazon and Twitch Announce Layoffs Inc. recently announced that it is cutting “several hundred” roles in its Prime Video and MGM Studios organization. Additionally, Twitch, the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform, revealed that it is cutting over 500 jobs. These layoffs are part of a larger trend that has affected companies across the tech sector. Xerox Holdings Corp., Unity Software Inc., DocuSign Inc., Okta Inc., eBay Inc., and Snapchat parent Snap Inc. are among the many companies that have made significant cuts to their workforce.

Support Groups on LinkedIn Provide Networking and Job Opportunities

In response to the wave of tech layoffs, support groups have formed on LinkedIn to help laid-off workers connect with each other and find new roles. The Tech League, one of these groups, describes itself as “for everyone, by everyone” who has been affected by tech layoffs at major companies like Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Inc., Microsoft Corp., Salesforce Inc., and others. With over 1,200 members, the Tech League offers a platform for individuals to “cross network” with their competitors, creating opportunities for new connections and collaborations. Members of the group actively share job opportunities and offer support to one another.

Disproportionate Impact on Certain Roles and Regions

Certain roles within the tech industry have been heavily impacted by layoffs. HR, compliance, ethical, marketing, data center infrastructure, consulting, and sales roles, especially those related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), have seen significant reductions. The West Coast of the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand have been particularly affected by these layoffs. Additionally, tech companies focused on disability, ethics, and defense have experienced a higher number of layoffs.

The Role of Tech Layoff Support Groups

Support groups like the Tech Layoff Resources, Job Opportunities and Candidates group have been instrumental in providing resources and connections for those affected by tech layoffs. Founded in 2022, the group has amassed over 1,300 members and serves as a centralized hub for job leads, positions, and useful material. Members actively share relevant opportunities and support one another in their job search efforts.

Opportunities for Reskilling in Emerging Tech Fields

As laid-off workers navigate the job market, opportunities for reskilling in emerging tech fields become increasingly important. The rise of AI and machine learning presents a significant opportunity for tech workers to change direction and acquire new skills. Industries that heavily rely on tech, such as retail giant Walmart Inc. and pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Co., offer potential job opportunities for those looking to pivot their careers.


As tech layoffs continue to impact the industry, support groups on LinkedIn are playing a crucial role in helping laid-off workers find new job opportunities and connect with others facing similar challenges. These groups facilitate networking, job sharing, and emotional support, creating a sense of community during uncertain times. As the tech industry evolves, reskilling in emerging tech fields like AI and machine learning can open doors to new career paths. By leveraging the resources and connections provided by these support groups, individuals affected by tech layoffs can navigate the job market with greater confidence and resilience.

*Note: This news piece is a fictional article and does not reflect real events or data.

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