Toonz Media Group brings ‘Santa On A Panda’ to life

  • Toonz Media Group secures rights for a feature adaptation of ‘Santa on a Panda’.
  • The book, written by Parker Jacobs of the Dumb Idea Group, will be produced by Toonz Media Group.
  • Multi-Emmy Award-Winner Brian A. Miller signs on as the producer.
  • The story follows Santa and a flying panda as they work together to save Christmas.
  • Toonz Media Group aims for global recognition and success with this project.


Toonz Media Group has made an exciting announcement regarding its latest acquisition. The animation outfit has obtained the rights to produce a feature adaptation of the beloved children’s book ‘Santa on a Panda’ written by Parker Jacobs from the Dumb Idea Group. The project has gained even more traction with the signing of multi-Emmy Award-Winner Brian A. Miller as the producer. This collaboration is expected to bring together top-end talent and create a time-honored family tradition.

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A Heartwarming Christmas Tale

‘Santa on a Panda’ is a heartwarming story that revolves around Santa Claus and his extraordinary friend, a flying panda. The adventure begins when all of Santa’s reindeer go missing, and Mrs. Claus takes it upon herself to find them before Christmas Eve. With time running out, Santa must join forces with the flying panda to save Christmas. The story is filled with humor, adventure, and a touch of magic, making it an ideal holiday tale for children and families.

Top Talent Behind the Project

Toonz Media Group is thrilled to collaborate with Brian A. Miller, a seasoned producer with numerous Emmy Awards to his name. Miller has an impressive track record, having worked on popular animated shows like ‘Steven Universe,’ ‘Adventure Time,’ ‘Regular Show,’ and ‘Primal.’ His expertise and creative vision are expected to elevate the adaptation of ‘Santa on a Panda’ to new heights.

Global Recognition and Success

Toonz Media Group is confident that ‘Santa on a Panda’ has all the ingredients for global recognition. The combination of Parker Jacobs’ talent as the book’s creator, Brian A. Miller’s producing skills, and the pitch-perfect writing is expected to captivate audiences worldwide. By bringing together a team of award-winning individuals, Toonz Media Group aims to create a timeless holiday tradition that will resonate with families for years to come.


The acquisition of the rights to ‘Santa on a Panda’ by Toonz Media Group marks a significant step in bringing this heartwarming children’s book to life. With the involvement of multi-Emmy Award-Winner Brian A. Miller and the Dumb Idea Group, the project is poised for success. Audiences can look forward to a Christmas wonderland filled with adventure, humor, and heart. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting adaptation.

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