Trump takes credit for Taylor Swift’s financial success.

  • Former President Donald Trump attributes Taylor Swift’s financial success to his signing of the Music Modernization Act
  • Trump criticizes Joe Biden for not doing anything for Swift and claims she can’t endorse him
  • Swift’s wealth was established before Trump entered the White House
  • Conspiracy theories surrounding Swift’s involvement in Super Bowl LVIII are debunked by Republicans


Former President Donald Trump recently took to his preferred social media platform, Truth Social, to claim credit for Taylor Swift’s financial success. Trump stated that Swift owes her wealth to him and criticized Joe Biden for not doing anything for the superstar. However, Swift’s financial success was already well-established before Trump entered the White House. This article explores Trump’s claims and debunks conspiracy theories surrounding Swift’s involvement in the Super Bowl.

Trump Claims Credit for Music Modernization Act

Swift’s Financial Success Prior to Trump

Contrary to Trump’s assertions, Taylor Swift had already amassed significant wealth before Trump signed the Music Modernization Act. In 2016, she was named one of Forbes’ highest-paid celebrities, earning $170 million that year alone. Her financial success has only continued to grow. Therefore, it is inaccurate for Trump to claim that he is solely responsible for Swift’s financial gains.

The Music Modernization Act

Trump mentioned the Music Modernization Act, a bipartisan effort passed in 2017 with unanimous support from both houses. While Trump did sign the act into law, it was a collaborative effort involving multiple lawmakers and industry stakeholders. The act aimed to modernize music copyright laws and improve royalty payments for artists. While it was a significant achievement, attributing Swift’s success solely to this act is an oversimplification.

Debunking Conspiracy Theories

Swift’s Alleged Super Bowl Involvement

Various conservative commentators, including former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, propagated conspiracy theories suggesting that Swift was involved in a plot to ensure the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl. The theories claimed that this victory would provide a platform for Swift to endorse Joe Biden for re-election. However, prominent Republicans like Chris Christie and Marco Rubio have dismissed these theories as baseless and called for celebrating Swift’s achievements instead.

Republican Rejection of Conspiracy Theories

Chris Christie, a former Republican candidate, emphasized that Taylor Swift is an American success story deserving of celebration rather than the target of conspiracy theories. He criticized Trump for promoting such theories and contributing to a divisive political climate. Similarly, Marco Rubio expressed hope that these conspiracy theories would be debunked and called for support of the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.


Former President Donald Trump’s claim that Taylor Swift owes her financial success to him and his signing of the Music Modernization Act is misleading. Swift had already achieved significant wealth before Trump’s presidency. Additionally, conspiracy theories linking Swift to political endorsements during the Super Bowl have been debunked by prominent Republicans. It is important to recognize Swift’s accomplishments independently of political narratives and appreciate her contributions to the music industry.

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