Tyne Daly Hospitalized, Amy Ryan Replaces in Broadway’s ‘Doubt’

  • Tyne Daly unexpectedly hospitalized and withdraws from Broadway revival of Doubt
  • Amy Ryan to replace Daly in the starring role of ‘Sister Aloysius’
  • Ryan’s first performance scheduled for February 13
  • Opening night postponed to March 7


Tyne Daly, the acclaimed actress known for her roles in Cagney & Lacey and Judging Amy, has been unexpectedly hospitalized and has had to withdraw from her starring role in the Broadway revival of Doubt. The Roundabout Theatre Company made the announcement today, stating that Daly is expected to make a full recovery.

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Amy Ryan Steps In

Amy Ryan, best known for her role in The Office and her Tony-nominated performances in A Streetcar Named Desire and Uncle Vanya, will be stepping into the role of ‘Sister Aloysius’ in the revival of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt. Ryan’s first performance is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13. In the meantime, Isabel Keating, the understudy for the role, will be filling in for Daly.

Opening Night Postponed

Due to Daly’s withdrawal and Ryan’s arrival, the opening night of Doubt has been postponed. Originally scheduled for February 29, it will now take place on Thursday, March 7. Previews for the show began on February 3, and the limited engagement will run through Sunday, April 14 at the Todd Haimes Theatre.


The unexpected hospitalization of Tyne Daly and her subsequent withdrawal from the Broadway revival of Doubt has been met with disappointment, but also with gratitude for her expected full recovery. Amy Ryan’s quick acceptance of the role of ‘Sister Aloysius’ has allowed the production to continue seamlessly, with Isabel Keating stepping in as the understudy. The new opening night date of March 7 gives audiences something to look forward to, and we all wish Tyne Daly a speedy recovery.

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