Umpire Claire Polosak’s Hilarious Blunder Red-Faces Cricket Field

  • Claire Polosak makes a hilarious mistake during the second ODI between Australia and South Africa
  • Polosak incorrectly signals for an lbw dismissal
  • Third umpire confirms Polosak’s decision was correct, but she mistakenly raises her finger
  • Polosak quickly corrects her mistake and apologizes


Umpire Claire Polosak became the center of attention during the second ODI between Australia and South Africa at the North Sydney Oval. In a comical turn of events, Polosak made a hilarious mistake that left everyone, including the players, in splits. Let’s delve into the details of this amusing blunder and how it unfolded on the field.

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The Mistake

During the 24th over of South Africa’s innings, Sune Luus faced Australia’s Ashleigh Gardner. On the fifth ball of the over, Luus attempted a sweep shot but missed the ball completely. The Australian team appealed for an lbw dismissal, believing the ball had hit Luus on the front pad. However, to everyone’s surprise, Polosak gave her decision in favor of the batting team.

The Review

Unconvinced by Polosak’s decision, the Australian team decided to review it. The replays showed that Polosak had indeed made the correct call, as the ball hit Luus outside the line of off-stump. However, it was what happened next that created a moment of hilarity.

The Hilarious Mistake

While the third umpire confirmed Polosak’s decision, instructing her to stick with it, she mistakenly raised her finger as if signaling an out decision. The players and spectators couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the unexpected blunder. Polosak quickly realized her mistake and corrected it, apologizing for the error.


Umpire Claire Polosak’s hilarious mistake during the second ODI between Australia and South Africa provided a moment of light-heartedness in the game. Although her initial decision was correct, her accidental finger raise left everyone in splits. The incident serves as a reminder that even umpires can make amusing blunders on the field. As the game continues, it’s important to appreciate these lighthearted moments that bring joy to both players and fans alike.

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