Unleashing Celeb Magic: London 2024’s Hottest Shows!

Key Points:

  • HELLO! magazine provides a list of must-see shows and performances in London
  • Highlights include “Songs For A New World,” “SIX the Musical,” and “ABBA Voyage”
  • “Songs For A New World” receives high praise for its talented cast and powerful performances
  • The new cast of “SIX the Musical” impresses with their unique interpretations of the iconic roles
  • “ABBA Voyage” offers an immersive concert experience with realistic holographic projections of the band
  • Upcoming show “Elvis Evolution” promises to dazzle audiences with unseen footage and AI technology


A night at the theatre is the perfect escape from the dark winter nights and freezing temperatures. HELLO! magazine is here to help theatre lovers navigate the London theatre scene with a glittering list of shows and performances that are not to be missed. From immersive experiences to off-West End productions, there is something for everyone. Let’s dive into the details and discover the best shows in London right now.

Songs For A New World

The revival of “Songs For A New World” at Upstairs at the Gatehouse is a must-see for fans of Jason Robert Brown. The talented cast delivers a memorable performance, showcasing their individual strengths while harmonizing perfectly in ensemble numbers. Standout solos include Lizzy Parker’s vulnerable rendition of “I’m Not Afraid of Anything” and Eleanore Frances’ heart-wrenching performance of “The Flagmaker.” The production’s only flaw is that it deserves a West End venue, according to producer Kai Wright.

SIX the Musical

The press night for the new cast of “SIX the Musical” was a night to remember. Each queen brought their unique spin to the role while staying true to the identifiable traits of the characters. Janiq Charles as Katherine Parr stood out with her exceptional vocals and captivating stage presence. Kayleigh McKnight impressed with her vocal choices in the iconic song “Heart of Stone.” Overall, the new cast delivered a solid performance, keeping the uplifting tracklist alive and engaging.

ABBA Voyage

ABBA fans are in for a treat with “ABBA Voyage.” The immersive concert experience at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park offers an authentic and mesmerizing performance from the legendary Eurovision band. The live backing singers and band add to the energy in the room, making it a truly immersive experience. While some fans may be disappointed by the absence of certain songs, the overall spectacle is impressive and will leave you wanting more.

Elvis Evolution

Prepare to be amazed by “Elvis Evolution,” a groundbreaking show that brings Elvis Presley back to the stage through state-of-the-art AI and holographic projection. Featuring thousands of unseen personal photos and home video footage, the show takes audiences on a nostalgic journey through Elvis’ rise to fame and cultural impact. Stay tuned for a review of this highly anticipated production.


London’s theatre scene is buzzing with incredible shows and performances that are sure to captivate theatre lovers. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the powerful songs of “Songs For A New World,” sing along to the catchy tunes of “SIX the Musical,” or relive the magic of ABBA with “ABBA Voyage,” there is something for everyone. Don’t miss out on these unforgettable experiences and share your thoughts on these shows.

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