Unleashing John Wick’s Charisma: A Movie Lover’s Delight

Key Points:

  • Keanu Reeves receives the inaugural Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the 51st Saturn Awards.
  • Reeves credits Reddick for making John Wick popular through his portrayal of the character Charon.
  • The actors developed a strong friendship and affection during their time working together on the “John Wick” franchise.
  • Reeves and the director of “John Wick: Chapter 4” dedicated the film to Reddick’s memory after his untimely death.
  • “John Wick 5” is currently in development, signaling the continuation of the action franchise.


Keanu Reeves, the beloved actor known for his role as John Wick, was honored with the inaugural Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the 51st Saturn Awards. This prestigious award recognizes Reeves’ impactful contribution to the film industry and his dedication to his craft. During his acceptance speech, Reeves revealed a heartfelt letter he had written to the late Lance Reddick, expressing his gratitude for Reddick’s portrayal of Charon in the “John Wick” movies.

Keanu Reeves Credits Lance Reddick for John Wick’s Popularity

In his letter to Reddick, Reeves credited the late actor for making the character of John Wick so popular. He stated, “People love John Wick because Charon loves John Wick. Because that character loved John Wick, that made John Wick okay.” Reeves explained that the affection and chemistry between their characters onscreen translated into a genuine friendship offscreen.

A Friendship Built on Affection and Enjoyment

Reeves fondly reminisced about his time working with Reddick on the “John Wick” franchise, emphasizing the affection they had for each other. He described Reddick’s passion, fire for creativity, and his sense of humor, which added depth and richness to their onscreen dynamic. The bond they formed over the course of eight years and four films was evident in their performances, making the “John Wick” series a once-in-a-lifetime project for both actors.

A Dedication to Lance Reddick

Tragically, Lance Reddick passed away in March 2023, just days before the release of “John Wick: Chapter 4.” Reeves and the film’s director, Chad Stahelski, dedicated the movie to Reddick’s loving memory. This heartfelt tribute showcased the impact Reddick had on the “John Wick” franchise and how deeply he was cherished by his co-stars and crew.

The Future of the “John Wick” Franchise

Despite the apparent demise of Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick, at the end of “Chapter 4,” the “John Wick” franchise shows no signs of slowing down. Lionsgate has already announced that “John Wick 5” is in development, promising fans more thrilling action and intense performances. While the specifics of the plot remain unknown, it is clear that Reeves and his dedicated crew will continue to captivate audiences with their unique blend of action and storytelling.


Keanu Reeves’ acceptance of the Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the Saturn Awards was a touching tribute to the late actor’s impact on the “John Wick” franchise. Reeves’ heartfelt words and dedication to Reddick’s memory showcased the genuine friendship and admiration they shared. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of “John Wick: Chapter 4” and the future of the franchise with “John Wick 5,” it is clear that the legacy of Lance Reddick will continue to influence and inspire both actors and audiences alike.

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