Unleashing the ‘Legends’: Bollywood Dance Competition Series

  • Nat Geo orders new series ‘Legends’ from Indian Matchmaking creator Smriti Mundhra
  • The show follows two squads of Bollywood fusion dancers competing for the national title
  • The series is a coming-of-age story told through a South Asian lens
  • Produced by Mundhra’s Meralta Films, Amplify Pictures, and 30West
  • The show explores the experiences of first and second-generation South Asian Americans


Nat Geo is set to dive into the captivating and vibrant world of competitive Bollywood dance with its latest series, ‘Legends’. The six-part series, created by Smriti Mundhra, the mastermind behind the hit show ‘Indian Matchmaking’, and produced by Meralta Films, Amplify Pictures, and 30West, follows two teams of Bollywood fusion dancers as they compete for the national title.

The World of Competitive Bollywood Dance

The Fusion of Cultures

Bollywood fusion dance combines elements of hip-hop, contemporary, and pop with traditional Indian dance styles such as bhangra, raas, kathak, and bharatnatyam. This unique blend has gained popularity among young adults in the United States, with every major university boasting a Bollywood fusion dance team.

The Legends National Championship

Each April, the top 10 Bollywood fusion dance teams in the country gather to compete in the highly anticipated Legends National Championship. This event showcases the incredible talent, creativity, and dedication of these young dancers, as they strive to be recognized as the best in the nation.

A Coming-of-Age Story

The series, ‘Legends’, is not just about dance. It is a universal coming-of-age story, told through the South Asian lens. It explores the experiences of first and second-generation college students, who are not only chasing their dreams of glory but also navigating the complexities of their cultural heritage and the pursuit of freedom.

The Vision of the Creators

Smriti Mundhra, the creator of the show, expressed her excitement about bringing this vibrant world to Nat Geo’s global audiences. She sees ‘Legends’ as an opportunity to inspire others and ignite a passion for this unique art form. Joe Lewis, the producer of the show, believes that ‘Legends’ is not just a drama about dance but also a saga of youth, ambition, and cultural heritage.

A Contemporary Lens

National Geographic, known for its exploration of different cultures and subcultures, is taking a contemporary lens to the competitive world of Bollywood fusion dance. ‘Legends’ delves into what it means to be a young first or second-generation South Asian American in the 21st century. The series offers a timely and compelling narrative infused with high stakes and jaw-dropping dance performances.


‘Legends’ promises to be an exciting and captivating series that explores the world of competitive Bollywood dance. With its universal coming-of-age story and unique cultural lens, the show aims to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking series that showcases the talent, passion, and dedication of young dancers and the rich cultural heritage they represent.

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