Unveiling Griselda Blanco’s Ex: Charles Cosby’s Intriguing Tale

  • Charles Cosby reveals his relationship with notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco
  • Blanco tried to have Cosby killed when she discovered his infidelity
  • Cosby shares his thoughts on Netflix’s miniseries adaptation of Blanco’s life


With the recent release of a Netflix miniseries chronicling the life of drug lord Griselda Blanco, one of her few surviving lovers, Charles Cosby, has decided to break his silence. Cosby, who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt orchestrated by Blanco, is finally sharing his side of the story. He also discusses his thoughts on the highly acclaimed show, where he was noticeably absent.

The Love Affair That Defied Boundaries

Griselda Blanco was already serving a prison sentence when she began corresponding with Charles Cosby in 1991. Despite their significant age difference, the two developed a connection that would ultimately lead to Cosby’s involvement in Blanco’s drug smuggling operation. In a shocking revelation, Cosby disclosed that he became a millionaire within just 45 days of meeting Blanco.

Behind Bars, Behind the Scenes

During their prison visits, Blanco made sure to maintain her glamorous image by dressing in designer clothes. Despite the lack of privacy, their encounters were far from romantic. In an interview, Cosby confessed that their intimate moments were simply driven by his admiration for Blanco, whom he considered his idol.

Betrayal and a Brush with Death

However, Cosby’s infidelity eventually caught up with him. Blanco discovered his affair with a woman on the outside and sought revenge. She ordered his assassination, leading to a harrowing encounter in which Cosby narrowly escaped with his life. Two men in a Mustang opened fire on him while he was driving his Corvette, but thanks to a bulletproof vest, he survived.

The Motive Behind the Murder Attempt

Blanco’s jealousy and racial bias played a significant role in her decision to have Cosby killed. He had been dating a white woman, which fueled her anger even further. Despite the attempt on his life, Cosby forgave Blanco after she apologized, and they continued their relationship—until she tried to choke him during a visit, resulting in their breakup.

A Candid Review of Netflix’s ‘Griselda’

Now that the Netflix miniseries has captivated audiences worldwide, Cosby has finally shared his thoughts on the adaptation. Although he was not featured in the show, Cosby commended Sofía Vergara’s performance as Griselda Blanco, stating that she perfectly captured the drug lord’s mannerisms and essence. Watching the series felt like seeing Blanco all over again, according to Cosby.

The Legacy of Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco’s life came to a violent end in 2012 when she was gunned down in Medellin, Colombia, at the age of 69. Her impact on the drug trade and her ruthless reputation continue to fascinate people worldwide. Charles Cosby provides a unique perspective on the notorious drug lord, shedding light on their tumultuous relationship and the dangers that came with being involved with Griselda Blanco.


Charles Cosby’s revelations about his relationship with Griselda Blanco and his survival of an assassination attempt offer a rare glimpse into the dramatic and dangerous world of the drug trade. As Netflix’s miniseries continues to captivate audiences, the story of Griselda Blanco and her lovers serves as a chilling reminder of the power and brutality that defined the era. Share your thoughts on the impact of the series and the enduring legacy of Griselda Blanco.

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