Unveiling KC Chiefs Isiah Pacheco’s Girlfriend: Latest Scoop!

  • All signs point to no
  • Isiah has never discussed his dating life or if he has a significant other
  • No sign of a possible girlfriend cheering him on at Chiefs games or with him following a matchup at Arrowhead Stadium


Isiah Pacheco, the star running back of the Kansas City Chiefs, has captured the hearts of fans with his incredible talent on the field. But it’s not just his skills that have people talking. Isiah has also become known for his striking good looks, leading fans to wonder if he has a girlfriend or if he is single. Let’s take a closer look at Isiah’s personal life and see if we can uncover the truth.

Isiah Has Suffered Multiple Family Tragedies

Behind Isiah’s success on the football field lies a story of heartbreak and resilience. As the youngest child of Felicia Cannon and Julio Pacheco, Isiah has experienced unimaginable loss. When he was just 16 years old, his older brother, Travoise, was fatally stabbed. Less than a year later, his beloved older sister, Celeste Cannon, was shot to death.

These tragedies have undoubtedly shaped Isiah’s perspective on life and have fueled his drive to succeed. In an interview, Isiah spoke about the impact of these losses, saying, “It’s been a hard year for me. My brother was stabbed to death last year, and my sister was murdered. It’s just been horrible.”

Isiah Pacheco Is Extremely Close With His Mother

Throughout the hardships he has faced, Isiah has found solace and support in his mother, Felicia Cannon. Their bond is evident in the way Isiah blows kisses towards the stands during games, specifically to his mother. In a heartwarming moment, Isiah’s dad asked who he was blowing kisses to, and Isiah replied, “That’s crazy, ma, because I really was. She’s been through so much. I told her that touchdown was for her.”

This close relationship with his mother suggests that Isiah may not currently have a girlfriend. His dedication to his family and the support he receives from them may be his primary focus at this stage in his life.


While Isiah Pacheco’s on-field talent and good looks have captivated fans, his personal life remains a mystery. All signs point to Isiah being single, as he has never discussed having a girlfriend, and there have been no sightings of a significant other at Chiefs games or events. However, it is clear that Isiah’s focus is on his football career and his family, particularly his mother, who has been his pillar of support through unimaginable tragedy.

As fans continue to cheer for Isiah’s success on the field, they can also admire his strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Isiah’s story serves as a powerful reminder that behind every athlete is a complex and often untold personal journey.

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