Vogue Cover March 2024: Kidman, Markle’s Absence Explained

  • Edward Enninful gathers 40 famous faces for a farewell group shot
  • Notable absentees include Nicole Kidman and Meghan Markle
  • Photoshoot took place in New York’s Meatpacking District in December 2023
  • Miley Cyrus flew 5,000 miles to be part of the iconic shot


In a moment that will be etched in fashion history, former Vogue UK editor Edward Enninful brought together 40 of the most famous faces to have graced the cover of his magazine for a farewell group shot. The photo, featured on the March 2024 issue, captured a star-studded lineup of veterans, supermodels, actresses, and athletes. However, two notable absences raised eyebrows and sparked speculation about their exclusion. This article delves into the reasons why Nicole Kidman and Meghan Markle were unable to join the iconic photoshoot.

The Group Shot

The Daily Mail reports that the photoshoot took place at Highline Stages in New York’s Meatpacking District in early December 2023. The gathering of such an illustrious group required meticulous planning, with one insider comparing the logistics to “almost as much planning as D-Day.” Despite the challenges, Enninful was pleasantly surprised that all 40 stars turned up, highlighting the significance of the moment.

Nicole Kidman’s Absence

One star noticeably missing from the group shot was Nicole Kidman. It was revealed that Kidman had to prioritize her filming duties for her upcoming project, Birthday Girl, due to the end of the writers’ strike. While her absence was regrettable, it showcases the commitment and dedication required in the entertainment industry.

Meghan Markle’s Exclusion

Another absence that caught attention was Meghan Markle. Back in September 2019, Markle collaborated with Enninful as a guest editor for Vogue UK. However, the reason for her exclusion from the farewell group shot was simple: only those stars who had previously graced the cover of Vogue UK were included. Despite her influential role in the fashion industry, Markle did not meet the specific criteria for this particular photoshoot.

Miley Cyrus Goes the Extra Mile

While some stars were unable to attend due to work commitments, others went above and beyond to be part of the historic moment. Miley Cyrus flew 5,000 miles by private jet to New York, just to have her photograph taken for 15 minutes. Her dedication and enthusiasm reflect the impact and significance of Vogue UK in the entertainment world.


The farewell group shot organized by Edward Enninful for the March 2024 issue of Vogue UK represents an era-defining moment in the fashion industry. The gathering of 40 iconic faces showcases the influence and legacy of the magazine. While the absence of Nicole Kidman and Meghan Markle raised questions, their reasons for not attending were valid and understandable. As the world bids farewell to Enninful’s tenure as editor-in-chief, this group shot will forever be remembered as a symbol of fashion history and the power of collaboration.


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