Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Rocks with Neil Diamond’s ‘I Am… I Said’

  • Volkswagen marks its 75th anniversary in the U.S. with a Super Bowl ad
  • The 60-second commercial titled “An American Love Story” will air during the game
  • The ad features pop-culture highlights and scenes from Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug franchise
  • Directed by Lance Acord, who also directed Volkswagen’s popular 2011 commercial “The Force”
  • The longer cut of the ad will debut at the Chicago Auto Show and will be available on a mobile app for VW owners

Introduction: Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary

Volkswagen of America is set to celebrate its 75th anniversary in the United States with a highly-anticipated Super Bowl ad. The 60-second commercial, titled “An American Love Story,” will air during the third quarter of the game on CBS and Univision. The automaker’s investment in the ad is significant considering the high cost of commercial time during the Super Bowl. Directed by Lance Acord, who previously directed Volkswagen’s popular 2011 commercial “The Force,” the ad is expected to captivate viewers with a nostalgic journey through pop culture and Volkswagen’s rich history in the U.S.

Main Content: A Journey Through Pop Culture and Volkswagen’s History

The Evolution of Volkswagen in the U.S.

The Super Bowl ad takes viewers on a visually stunning journey, starting with black-and-white footage that transitions to color, showcasing Volkswagen’s arrival on U.S. shores in 1949. From the iconic Beetle to the beloved VW Bus that carried surfers and hippies in the 1960s and ’70s, the ad highlights key moments in the brand’s history. The commercial also brings attention to Volkswagen’s commitment to electric vehicles in the present day.

A Tribute to Herbie the Love Bug

One of the highlights of the ad is the appearance of scenes from Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug franchise. The lovable car, which became a pop culture icon, captivated audiences with its mischievous personality and heartwarming adventures. While the 2005 Lindsay Lohan installment is missing from the scenes, the presence of Herbie adds a touch of nostalgia and reflects Volkswagen’s enduring impact on American popular culture.

Pop-Culture References and Nostalgia

The Super Bowl ad also includes other pop-culture references that will resonate with viewers. A clip from The Simpsons features Bart and Lisa playing the classic “Punch Buggy” game, which involves spotting the iconic VW Beetle on the road. These references, combined with the choice of Neil Diamond’s 1971 hit “I Am… I Said” as the soundtrack, evoke a sense of nostalgia and connect Volkswagen’s legacy to the memories and experiences of millions of Americans.

Conclusion: Honoring 75 Years of Volkswagen in America

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad is not only a celebration of the brand’s 75th anniversary in the U.S., but also a tribute to its enduring impact on American culture. The ad’s nostalgic journey through pop culture and Volkswagen’s history is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages. As the 60-second commercial airs during the Super Bowl, it will captivate millions of viewers and serve as a reminder of Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation and its place in American hearts. Don’t miss the extended 2-minute version of the ad and join in the celebration of 75 years of Volkswagen in America.

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