Zaheer Khan and Kevin Pietersen: Fun Banter in Second Test

  • Kevin Pietersen and Zaheer Khan engage in lighthearted banter during lunch break
  • Both former cricketers reminisce about their encounters with MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh
  • Pietersen reveals his prized wicket of Dhoni in a Test match
  • Zaheer Khan reminds Pietersen of Yuvraj Singh’s dismissals
  • The banter showcases the camaraderie between players


In a delightful exchange of banter during the lunch break on Day 4 of the second India vs England Test, former cricketers Kevin Pietersen and Zaheer Khan entertained fans with their reminiscing of encounters with legendary players MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. The friendly banter highlighted the camaraderie between players and provided an amusing insight into the on-field battles.

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The Pietersen-Dhoni Rivalry

During the conversation with Jiocinema experts, Kevin Pietersen proudly pointed out his prized wicket of MS Dhoni in a Test match. Pietersen recalled how he slipped one through to dismiss the former Indian wicketkeeper when he was on 92 runs. The moment, etched in Pietersen’s memory, served as a reminder of the intense battles they had on the field.

Yuvraj Singh’s Dominance

Zaheer Khan, not one to miss an opportunity, reminded Pietersen of Yuvraj Singh’s dismissals. Yuvraj had famously gotten the better of Pietersen multiple times in ODIs, dismissing him a total of five times. Pietersen acknowledged Yuvraj’s dominance with a laugh, admitting that the Indian all-rounder had defeated him on several occasions.

Light-hearted Banter

The banter between Pietersen and Khan showcased the friendly rivalry and camaraderie that exists between players. They shared a laugh over their past battles and the nicknames they had given each other. Pietersen even revealed that Yuvraj Singh had used his nickname as his e-mail ID for a while, adding another amusing dimension to their encounters.


The lighthearted banter between Kevin Pietersen and Zaheer Khan during the lunch break of the second Test provided fans with an entertaining glimpse into the camaraderie and friendly rivalries that exist between players. It showcased the deep respect they have for each other and their ability to have fun and reminisce about their on-field battles. Such interactions remind us of the human side of cricket and the enduring friendships forged through the game.

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