Zaheer Khan’s Insights: Team India’s Concerns & Improvements

  • Zaheer Khan highlights the need for better batting performance from the Indian team
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill shine in the second test, but experienced Indian batters struggle
  • Khan credits England’s collective batting effort in the second innings

Introduction: Addressing India’s Batting Concerns

Former Indian World Cup winner Zaheer Khan has expressed concerns about India’s batting performance as the team prepares for the next three tests against England. Despite the outstanding performances of youngsters Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill in the second test, Khan believes that the experienced Indian batters need to step up their game.

Main Content: Inconsistencies in India’s Batting Lineup

Lackluster First Innings

In the first innings of the second test, Yashasvi Jaiswal showed great determination while his veteran teammates failed to make a significant impact. None of the Indian batsmen managed to score a fifty, and it was Gill’s brilliant hundred that allowed India to set a formidable total.

Reliance on Young Talent

Khan pointed out that India’s batting has heavily relied on the exceptional performances of Jaiswal and Gill, while the senior players have struggled to contribute consistently. He cited England’s collective batting effort in the second innings of the second test, where they managed to score around 300 runs despite only one half-century. Khan emphasized the importance of collective effort for a successful batting lineup.

Conclusion: The Need for Improvement

Zaheer Khan’s observations highlight the importance of addressing India’s batting concerns. While the young talents have impressed, the experienced batters must step up and contribute to the team’s success. As the next three tests against England approach, India will need a strong and consistent batting performance to secure a series victory.

Feel free to share your thoughts on India’s batting performance in the upcoming tests against England.


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